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> Wireless BasicsDigital Video BasicsWeb Conferencing

> Tuning up your PC for GamingSetting Up Linux

> Pc TroubleshootingNotebook UpgradingManage Outlook and Email

> Create a Budget in ExcelSetting up VoipPlan Your Home Network

These are some of the courses you can take on line to perform general computer tasks, learn more about your computer or other electronics and software. The CNET people are at it again and yes I will plug going to their website to find out more about consumer electronics even if I have written articles they are covering as well. They have experts in every field and know their stuff on such a wide variety of PC’s, notebooks, software and just about anything with an On switch.

CNET is a huge website with experts who know their stuff in their particular area of expertise, their experts have education and practical experience in the area they are assigned to. The CNET website is a great place to go for reviews, how-to’s, shopping, advice and help for computers, software, consumer electronics and just about anything that requires power. If it’s a major electronics event across the US like the recent Electronics Entertainment Expo or the unveiling of the newest years car models they cover it. I use the site for many of the questions I have when I want to do something on my computer and they are the first place I go when thinking about buying some new toy for reviews and other information.

CNET has started a new program of online courses that last for two weeks. The courses are called the Learning Campus at CNET. In each course you will have a lesson that you follow and learn the specific topic, and then you can go to the blog for the lesson and ask questions, make comments or add your knowledge to the mix to help others. Each course is run by professionals from CNET who are educated and experienced in the job at hand plus you get the benefit of others who join and have their own particular knowledge to add to the rest.

This is not something new but some other online courses like this do not have the variety or experts with the added benefit that the course is not on a regular schedule, you can join as long as the course is open and ask questions whenever you want. You’ll get answers by others and the CNET experts as soon as they check the site and course and not have to be online at any particular time for them. All you have to do is sign up for the program on the CNET website and start each course. CNET is a very trusted site and you can be sure they will keep any information used to join confidential. That’s what a good portion of the site does by the way. Their specializes in software for downloading that they check out and see how well it works and if there is any spyware or extra things in the programs.

Some of the online courses will have audio, video or both to help you understand and better accomplish the course and learn the topic. They will also have links to other articles or web pages with helpful information related to something in the course. You even get homework emailed to you. Current courses will allow you to post comments and ask questions. When you join a course you may notice that the course is not active, which means the course is not in the two week period that they are running the course. The courses that are not active will still be on the web site but will not allow you to post on the blog. They will be offering the class at a later time and will email you when the class will be starting up again and also email your homework. So don’t be bummed if you miss the course or the homework, yeah homework. If it’s up on the site you can still join and take the course to learn the topic, you just won’t be able to post feedback and such.

I started the course about PC gaming and it is very interesting and definitely informative. They not only cover the same things you need to learn like the facts of what the course covers and what things like hardware and software they will be talking about but where else you can go for more help. During the course they have things you can do to better use your computer for gaming and videos for harder things like step by step instructions for defragmenting your hard drive. Courses will have a variety of videos and links for additional help and information about the various tasks in each course. Once the class begins and you have signed up for it you will get an email with a lesson for you to have some home work and learn more about the topic of the course.

The online courses are sponsored by a business or company so that the course can be offered free to the public. You will see on each course the Logo of the company who is sponsoring the course and of course they get to advertise for themselves by sponsoring. Of course you will also get the advertisements from that company on the sidebars of the web page but this is every where on just about any web site. That’s how they afford the web site, by advertising.

So if you want to learn more about your computer or some other electronics related topic check out and join their online courses. They are a trusted web site and have the experts who can help you out and teach you in a wide variety of topics.

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