Top eBay Acronyms Buyers Should Know

While scanning any online auction site, particularly number one auction site eBay, even experienced online buyers unfamiliar with some of the words and abbreviations used. These abbreviations range from general buying acronyms to clothing descriptions to general product descriptions applicable to nearly any product. This list covers the most common acronym used to describe a product, and will help you, the buyer, become more informed about just what you are considering buying.

General Buying

Many eBay and auction acronyms relate not to the actual product you are going to buy, but instead with how you will buy the product and how it will be shipped to you. These acronyms are most often used to describe auction features as well as shipping methods. These are some of the most basic eBay acronyms but are also some of the most important to both the buyer and the seller.

BIN: Buy it now
Buy in now refers to a specific feature used on eBay which allows the user to purchase the item for a preset price. This feature makes auctions very similar to online stores in the fact that if an interested user is interested in an item, they simply have to pay a set price as opposed to competitive bidding.

FB: Feedback
Feedback refers to the positive and negative reviews of an eBay member. It is often reviewed before purchasing an item from a particular seller to ensure that they are indeed trustworthy. It is often relevant as sellers will leave feedback for you as a buyer and ask you rate their performance as a seller. Feedback is represented as a percent of positive reviews. It can be broken down even further by the time the positive, neutral, and negative reviews were given and why, via the comments section. Feedback is an integral part of eBay satisfaction for both buyer and seller.

NR: No reserve price for an auction-style listing
No reserve auctions are auctions which do not have to meet a certain price criteria before being sold. These auctions can typically go for lower amounts while still receiving plenty of bids.

PM: Priority Mail
This is a method of shipment provided by the United States Postal Service which is expedited. This is an ideal option for those buyers wishing to receive their product faster than typical mail service but without the large cost associated with overnight shipping. Packages sent priority mail typically arrive within 2-3 days. A higher fee is implemented for this service as opposed to the most basic shipping options from the United States Postal Service.


Postal Service
The United States Postal Service is one package carrier which eBay sellers may offer. It is typically the most common carriers due to its vast network, locations in rural areas, and cheap prices. Other carriers include UPS and DHL. Local pickup may also be an option.

Product Conditions
Abreviations are common place when used to describe what shape or condition the product is in. They typically range from excellent to very good and are subjective terms. Always refer to pictures and descriptions in addition to product conditions to obtain a greater understanding of the product you are considering buying. Keep in mind, the sellers objective is to do just that sell, and the condition they assign a product may not reflect the product’s actual condition.

EUC: Excellent used condition

FC: Fine condition

G: Good condition

VF: Very fine condition

Product Descriptions
Some abbreviations actually describe the product. Some apply mainly to clothes while others apply to collectibles or other items. These abbreviations are very important to complete you understanding of just how a product was used and what state it is presently in.

GU: Gently Used
This subjective term is typical of clothing listings. It is the sellers opinion that the item has been gently used, but it typically means that the item shows little wear from use.

HTF: Hard to find

LTD: Limited edition

NBW: Never been worn

NIB: New in box

NRFB: Never removed from box

NWT: New with tags

OOP: Out of print

VHTF: Very hard to find

Note: Many items found in product descriptions beginning with M refer to a mint product of some type

Acronyms are typical of listings used on eBay. Before you decide to purchase a particular item, ensure that you understand the language which the auction uses. This includes abbreviations as well as general descriptions of the item(s). Also, pictures are a key component of online auctions. Be very meticulous when researching a product that doesn’t include a picture. Finally, ask the seller questions if there is anything which you are unsure about. Utilizing the previously mentioned acronyms and tips will help both you and the seller have a positive eBay experience.

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