Touch: The Act of Sharing Tactile Content

The sense of touch. An awesome and delightful experience. Most pleasurable when done softly or lightly across the bare skin.
So close your eyes. Imagine you are anticipating the arrival of someone special. Imagine you have waited for them all day. It has been a busy, if not hectic day, and you have anxiously waited for them to return home to you.

You have thought this through carefully. You have recalled how wonderful it is to have them near. To have them close. To feel them as they reach out and touch you, kiss you, and caress you.

You imagine their fingers gently tracing the flesh of your arm. Softly, gently, drawing their fingertips lightly up and down the full length of your arm. On top of your arm. Beneath your arm. Gently caressing your skin up and down your arm as you breathe deeply. Breathe slowly. The goose bumps rise freely on the surface of your skin in reaction to this loving attention.

They gently trace the lines of concern across your forehead, making them relax and disappear. They softly brush past your cheeks and trace the fullness of your lips in anticipation of so much more to come.

A hand slips gently into your sleeve and softly caresses the warm skin of your shoulder, gently tracing their fingers down your back as far as they can reach.

You find yourself loosening your clothing. Their gentle caress finds it’s way inside as your clothing gently falls away.
Your partner softly kisses and caresses your bare shoulders and back. Their hands roam softly across the expanse of bare flesh you have offered for their personal attention.

Their hands now both move into more intent but gentle action, caressing all the smoothness, all the warmth. All the bends and curves in your flesh that surround and make up your personal frame.

Your pleasure deepens. You are slipping into a mesmerized trance of euphoric ecstasy that cannot be explained by mere words….

Open your eyes.
Was it a nice experience?

O.K. We stopped the process just when it was getting really interesting and most desirable. But we just wanted you to know….Your companion would like some special, personal attention, too.

Isn’t it your turn to treat them to an evening of tactile pleasure?
Think about it.

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