What We Need is a School Reunion!!

In school every small thing used to make us laugh, but those were things that justly satisfied us. We also fought and argued for the pettiest things, which now seem amusing and immature, however those incidents still evoke sheer joy. Nonetheless, the fidelity always used to outshine, and you would always look out for your friends, and they would always look out for you no matter what. Additionally, there was a spark in the way you stood up for your friends when someone mocked them. Above all, the fun you had at those parties which wouldn’t fit in your schedule now. Furthermore, the way you made sure that your friends expressed themselves in front of their crushes. The fact is that nothing will make you happier than to see them smile. Most importantly you also knew that they would always be there for you, just like you would be there for them. Then there came a time when you had to leave each other and go your own ways. Nevertheless you always missed them and laughed from your heart of hearts when their thoughts came to your mind.

We all have to move on, life is a perpetual race, sometimes like a darting train, but human beings also need to be emotionally energized and mentally fueled. As a matter of fact we need incentives, which can come in the form of love, peace, joy, victory and so on. After a certain period of time in our lives, we all are so involved into our own contemporary necessities that we forget the ever so precious good old school days. If you really come to think of it, all we need is a school reunion to rejuvenate ourselves and bring us true peace within. Familiar faces that we haven’t seen in ages remind us of incidents that had taken place ages ago, making all the emotions erupt at the same time. That respectable feeling takes you to those moments you had spent in classrooms, assemblies, auspicious non-uniform days, along with the teachers that built the foundation of your knowledge, and these various aspects evoke the pettiest things which take you into a trance.

Even meeting the classmates that you weren’t in good terms with would make you smile now, because that same face makes you recollect many other associated memories which allow the grievances to be left behind. Then there are the most cherished moments, which bring comfort, and make you want to become that same child you used to be back in school, all over again. Some people are going to look the same, and some aren’t, but when you find out that they remember you for whichever reason that makes you ecstatic and carefree. The most important thing is that you are remembered even by the peeps you hardly used to talk to. A plain “Hey! I remember you! You were in my class in school a while ago.” suddenly sounds like pleasant music to your ears, and is enough to make you sway with delight. This brings the joy you have never felt before, and is surprisingly a big deal once again. You want to freeze that moment, and make it last forever, because you feel special, and complete knowing that you left a commendable footprint as an alumnus. When someone makes you happy, regardless of how close you were in the past, you should realize just how important they were to you.

A reunion doesn’t come often so you should learn to value and respect those moments by taking the initiative of being physically present. An old acquaintance’s face brings a smile to your own face doesn’t it? Each face brings something new to mind, there is just so much to reminisce and so less time. You suddenly want to know what they’re up to presently. Regardless of the fact that they were once your classmates, some close and others not so close, you are their well wisher and genuinely pray for them. Seeing them after almost a decade ripened memories and made you realize that in some way or the other they contributed in making you what you are today. Who says that after being out of touch and silent for so long you can’t be the same candid child that you used to be? Silence holds a lot of secrets but at the same time says a lot too! So what in the world are you people waiting for? Start making calls, and arranging get-togethers so that you can laugh, play and joke the way that you used to! Give surprises, send emails, send your recent pictures, and reminisce those times that you would not even mistakenly forget. As a bonus search for numbers of the people that you used to talk to the least in school, and thank them for just being present. Life is short; hence do as much as you can so that you don’t end up regretting it later on. At least let the people who were once around you everyday know that you remember them! We all know that simply meeting or even having a word with the people we once knew will truly overwhelm us placidly, and outweigh any other recreation by far. So hurry up before it’s too late, yet I’m sure you’ve heard this saying “It’s never too late!”

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