Where to Find the Best Game Boy Cheats

When I asked my son what he was doing on my computer (and saving to discs) he told me simply he was downloading cheat codes. Cheat Codes! Isn’t cheating illegal? Can’t one be thrown out of school for that? We would have been. After he finished laughing at me, he explained that they had nothing to do with school. They were codes to help players get through the different levels of computer/video games. It was still over my head but I took his word for it. I then installed more computer protection software to fend off any bad downloads and threatened to ground him for life and take any potential income he might have if he killed my computer.

He has a couple of console-type gaming systems which he has boxed up and put away because he has mastered the games and he can no longer find new ones. So the online or downloaded/ installed computer games aside, he purchased a Game Boy Advance. He can use it on the bus going to and from school, or occupy himself on long trips. Usually he just holds out in his room playing it. He and his friends swap games for weeks at a time to see who can get the better score and thus they use cheat codes to further themselves in the games.

They have all the attachments; AC cords for both the wall and the car’s cigarette lighter socket, battery chargers, earphones, and a gizmo called a Game Shark. The Game Shark has a memory card that once programmed with the cheat codes can apply them to the game that is being played at the time. (He had to explain that one too.) Codes exclusively for the Game Shark can be found at www.GameShark.com. The sight is free, but they do offer products for purchase as well.

I did a Google search of Game Boy Cheat Codes and it gave me 20,300,000 listings. Wow! Of course some of those are for the same sights under different headings, but there are so many one would have to spend years reading them all. Be as specific as possible such as using the model of Game Boy for which you wish to have the cheat codes. There are many varieties just of the Game Boy systems. Read the descriptions pretty closely, it might tell you what you need to know before you go on the sight.

Once on the site spend some time on the home page. It should have information that will either keep you there or keep you from wasting your time. If they don’t have the codes for your game system, then there is no reason to spend hours perusing the site. Some sights give the codes absolutely free, while others may require a monthly subscription and the prices for that service vary in range. Some may require you to sign up for their message boards-even if you do not intend to use them.

Signing up for message boards means they are acquire information on you and you should read the sights terms of use privacy policies before you give that information to them. My son has to be certain that we won’t be inundated with junk e-mails and that our/his information will not be sold or given to others before he is allowed to sign up for anything.

Different sites offer different services. A few of the sights are difficult to navigate as well. Some are pretty straight to the point: Here are the codes-although they may be Raw Data Code, in which case if you can’t read Raw Code, you’re out of luck. Some offer it in Translated Code or both. Some other services that may be offered include guides to the games, previews and release dates, reviews of the games from those who have played them, maps, screen shots, trailers, frequently asked questions about the games, and of course, the cheat codes. The message boards offer a range of topics, but include tips from other players about the games or how well they do or do not like a particular game, or problems they are having that they would like help solving. Those are aside from the reviews and FAQs.

I asked my son where he thought the best sight for Game Boy Advance cheat codes was and he popped up his folder of favorites. He pointed to a number of different sights, describing what each had to offer, but told me without a doubt that he considered www.db.gamefaqs.com to be the best. It is absolutely free, and the code is both raw and translated. They have guides, reviews, maps, and of course, as the name implies, it has frequently asked questions. There is no requirement to sign up for a message board and they have a stringent privacy policy. Wonderful!

Other sights for cheat codes:
www.cmgsccc.com : raw codes only; have to sign up for message boards to use, but those are free. No requirement to actually use the message boards.

www.gamespot.com : Tons of codes, but hard to navigate. Free site.

www.ign.com : Many different services, but most has to paid for. A few free guides. $29.99 monthly subscription fee.

www.gamespy.com :You can buy games as well as get the codes and walk throughs. $14.00 monthly subscription fee.

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