Difference between Lodge and Cabin

There are numerous types of accommodation in different parts of the world and they have various names. Whenever you travel somewhere, you have to arrange some place for living regardless of the length of your trip.

However, accommodation structures have different features and one simply gets confused when trying to select one. People are never quite sure on what is the best option available for them, so they end up making a bad decision.

Therefore, it is important to learn the differences between various accommodation facilities, so that we can get maximum advantages whenever we are away from our own place.

Two types of accommodation are lodges and cabins. People often confuse these two types because of the development of log cabins, which is a completely different structure altogether. However, they have got quite a few dissimilarities, so they should not be mentioned in the same context.

One of the clearest differences is that the lodges are larger in size as cabins are relatively smaller. Cabins are suitable for a few people whereas the lodges can accommodate quite a lot of people.

Another difference between the two facilities is that lodges are mostly found in urban areas. On the other hand, cabins are found in areas which are far away from the cities.

Moreover, the word cabin is also used for the small room of a pilot in an airplane. It is also used for an accommodation facility for passengers in a ship.

On the other hand, lodges are mostly made to accommodate tourists, safaris, hunters and ski lovers. Depending on the area and your usage, lodges are usually more convenient than cabins. Lodges have all the necessary facilities like running water, heating or cooling and others that make them comfortable. Cabins are usually basic in nature and often lack many facilities due to their location.


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    A lodge is an accommodation facility just like a hotel, which offers services to travellers so that they can live comfortably despite being away from their home. However, there is no room service provided and lodges are considered to be more peaceful or quiet compared to other accommodation facilities.

    Lodges have rooms with attached baths, so that different families can stay there at the same time without facing any issues.

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    Although the word cabin is used to refer quite a few things, it is used to represent an accommodation facility which is smaller in size. Cabins lack many features and attract people that want some peace and quite as these types of accommodation are located in the wilderness.

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