Google Nexus 7 Tablet Release Date

Digitimes has stated that a Google powered tablet manufactured by Asus will be released by June and made available to consumers in July. The Asian IT insider website has also reported that the initial production run for the launch with 600,000 units.

Rumors about a Google tablet have been popping up every few months but this one seems to have a lot of people excited because Digitimes has been very accurate with inside information before. The timing of the launch for the Asus/Google tablet also fits perfectly with the Google I/O conference by the end of June and gives more support to the rumor.

The tablet will be powered by Google’s Android operating system and may  carry the name Nexus. Many expect Google to use several manufacturers just like it did for its mobile devices. However, different sources all point to Asus to be the first to get the honor of releasing a Google tablet. The choice of going with Asus seems logical for Google because the search giant has previously worked with Asus to manufacture its Chromebook. It also doesn’t hurt that Asus has made a name for itself as the creator of low cost consumer electronics.

The Google Nexus tablet by Asus is expected to have a 7 inch screen with a quad core processor. Some observers point to NVIDIA’s economical and much talked about KAI quad-core processor as a likely candidate for the tablet. The buzz is also strong about the device initially being sold on the Google Play Store for an unbelievable price of 199 USD.

News like this usually gets tech junkies salivating but at this point all this is gossip. Both Google and Asus have not made any statements about the tablet and fans will have to wait until they do to get in line for their Google Nexus tablet.

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