How to Become a Productivity Ninja

In this day and age we find ourselves inundated with information and can sometimes end up feeling confused or missing something important that has to be done. A Productivity Ninja is someone who knows how to handle everything around them and get things done in an efficient and effective manner. Tackling day to day activities in both our professional and personal lives can often become difficult. Learning to become a Productivity Ninja can help you deal with all the information and tasks that you have to complete to get the job done. To become a Productivity Ninja is more a state of mind and the ability to multi-task using the tools that you might have readily available.


  • 1

    Remain Calm:

    Learn to stay calm no matter how hectic the work-load becomes. Getting frustrated will only frustrate you further, hampering your decision making abilities.

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    Stay Focused:

    To become a Productivity Ninja always stay focused at the task at hand. Use your concentration to get things done systematically and in an orderly fashion. Stay on top of things before they become bigger problems that you will have to deal with later.

  • 3

    Learn to use the Tools that you already have:

    It is important to identify the different tools that can help you become more productive throughout the day. Most of the tools we already have around us and we just do not know how to use them properly. Learn to use tools like computers and the internet to your advantage.

  • 4

    Organise your Time:

    By organising your time effectively, you can become a productivity ninja. Do the tasks that are urgent right away and do not procrastinate on the smaller tasks. Staying organised will help you become much more productive on a daily basis.

  • 5

    Be Flexible:

    Being flexible is crucial if you want to become a Productivity Ninja. Be open minded to different or new tools and methods that can help you remain focused and organised. Flexibility will also help you multi-task your work-load.

  • 6

    Do Advance Planning:

    Stay on top of things by planning ahead. Develop a proper plan to handle the major or minor tasks that you might confront during the day.

  • 7

    Develop Systems:

    Develop simple systems to help you accomplish your tasks. Make them easy to follow and keep using them to increase your productivity.

  • 8

    Know your Limits:

    Remember to always know your limits if you want to become a Productivity Ninja. Never try to take on more than you can handle.

  • 9

    Listen to Others:

    Learning to listen to others that have a better system or method for handling things is very important. There is nothing wrong with learning from others to help you become a Productivity Ninja.

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