How to Eat a Sandwich with Braces

Eating with braces is at times extremely difficult as if you are not careful, you may be in a lot of pain. It is advised by many dentists to eat soft foods when you have braces as it will be easier to break down and it will put less pressure on the teeth. Dentists recommend sandwiches as the bread is soft and you can chew it easily. However, you need to be careful while eating a sandwich with braces. Follow some easy guidelines to help you learn how to eat a sandwich with braces.


  • 1

    Take smaller bites

    You need to consume food in the smallest form if you have braces. The sandwich should be eaten in smaller bites to prevent pain in your teeth. Also, if you take bigger bites, there is more chance that some parts of the sandwich will get stuck between the braces. If possible you should cut the sandwich up in to tiny bite sized pieces that you can eat with worrying about your braces.

  • 2

    Eat slowly

    Make sure you eat the sandwich slowly. You must chew the food slowly to ensure that the bite is broken down completely. Eating carefully is extremely important as if you try to eat the food faster; you may hurt your teeth as the braces may cause pain.

  • 3

    Drink water

    You must frequently drink water with almost every bite to make the breaking down process easier. This will soften the bread and you will find it easier to chew the sandwich. Remember to drink room temperature water because if it is too cold, you could feel some pain from your braces.

  • 4

    Bite with the sides

    You must bite with the sides of your teeth as applying more pressure on the front teeth may cause some pain. Taking bites with the front teeth may cause difficulty for the front brackets as they may get plastered with chunks of food.

  • 5

    Use dental silicone

    Another good way to ease the eating process is to use dental silicone on the braces. This will make it comfortable for you to eat the sandwich and avoid any possible pain.

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