How to Find Historical Sites in Maui

Maui is the greatest of the Hawaiian Islands and the largest island in the United States. It is famous for its natural beauty, rich culture, mild climate, high mountains and rain forests. Its history begins from the 18th century and that is why you can find many historical places in Maui.

If you planned a visit to this island then believe me you won’t get disappointed as there are countless attractions here. All you need to do is to plan your tour in the right season, grab a map, a pair of shoes and come out in search of historical sites.


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    Lahaina is an area in west Maui that has at least 25 historical places. The best thing is that you can just walk and visit all these sites. Pioneer Inn, Baldwin Home, Jail, Banyan Tree, Courthouse and the Waine’e Church are few important sites that you should not miss. Lahaina Historical Society arranges guides for the tourist so you won’t face any problem in visiting all these places. You can go through your car but it is better to hike along with friends.

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    The second historical site in Maui is Kapalua which is at some distance from Lahaina. You will have to get a car and drive north on Highway 30. Kapalua is known for its resorts and lush green golf courses. Moreover, there is also a large volcanic rock “Bellstone” around 16 miles from Kapalua. You can find traces of history by spending couple of hours in Kapalua.

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    Olowalu Petroglyphs:

    These are the virtual drawings by the prehistoric residents into lava rocks. It is believed that these drawings show both the royalties and the commoners of ancient age. Though, it is a bit of a rough drive but you won’t regret after reaching Olowalu Petroglyphs.

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    Bailey House Museum:

    It is another historical site which is situated in central Maui. This museum was built in 1833 and it displays Hawaiian works of art especially the 19th-century paintings worth a visit. You can seek help from professional guide if you are interested in more details.

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    The Halekii and Pihana Heiaus:

    These temples were built back in 1240 when human sacrifices were part of the religion. However, now these temples are just archaeological sites. The best thing is that you can visit these sites in one day.

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    Palapalo Ho'omau Church:

    This church is situated near Hana which is in the southwest of Maui. It was built in 1857 and famous Charles Lindbergh’s grave is also here.

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