How To Get Dog Breeding Licence In London

Likewise horses, and animals used in livestock business, dogs besides being men’s best friend plays a very eminent role.  Whether you intend to keep them for your safety or your property’s security, they will try to put in every possible effort not to let you down. Though several people are responsible enough to take care of this friendly animal, but portion of such owners are also seen who are very carless in providing them all possible provisions which is necessary for their health. Due to high rate in dog’s death the government of London initialized a rule in acquiring a dog breeding license. Actual aim of this law is to make sure that every animal is granted with a healthy environment, especially during transportation of puppies. According to the rule every owner has to carry this license if four or more puppies are born annually; whether the breeding takes place on commercial platform or domestic.


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    Criteria of the License:

    From the 1st January of the year till the 31st of December, the license will remain valid. At the end of the year the breeder will have to get his/her license renewed. Whether you sell the new born puppies within 3 weeks time, availability of license is important. For a detail view of the rules along with pros and cons, take a look at the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

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    Application Form:

    If you find yourself fulfilling all the rules mentioned in the Act, then you are allowed to send an application. You can get this form from the license providers available in London or download it form this Link.

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    You will have to pay a specific amount of money while applying for the license. This amount will depend upon the number of dogs you currently have.

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    High St, Uxbridge, Greater London UB8 1UW, United Kingdom.

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    Evaluation Process:

    A team will be set for investigating the information given in your application form. If all the given data is not against the Act 1999 the procedure of investigation will continue. During this inquiry the team will decide whether the breeder deserves to hold the license or not.

    During inquiry they will first pay a visit at the address where dogs are kept. Each and every aspect will be catered; whether they are provided with a proper accommodation, is the food given to them is of high quality or not, are they living in a secure area protected from any sort of mishap and accident. They will also make sure that bitches younger than 1 year are not giving birth to puppies, and the birth is being given with the space of 12 months.

    The investigators will note down each and every aspect and then evaluate whether the breeder is capable enough to take this responsibility.

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    Final Decision:

    After few days the authority will contact you in order to reveal if you have succeeded in attaining the license or not. They might post you the license or ask you to visit their office.

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