How to Get Farmville Cash For Free

Farmville is one of the most famous games on Facebook what is built by Zynga. With its increasing demand and user friendly interface, more and more users are playing Farmville every day.  The game allows the individuals to buy a land, purchase the necessary items to grow crops, harvest them and decorate the fields any way they like. It gives a free hand to players to decorate their lands and grow whatever they want. But in order to do this, they must have a Farmville cash to purchase these items.


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    Join Farmville

    In order to get free Farmville cash, you would have to join the game. After you have joined the game, you should learn the basics that are required to play the game.

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    Improve your level

    After you have learned the basics, you should find suitable ways to improve your level. Remember that a player can only improve his level by expanding the farm area, buying modern machinery for cultivation or harvesting expensive crops. You should play hard and well to improve your level at the Farmville. Note that improving your level at Farmville is not easy as it might appear to you. Instead, it would require hours of playing and skills to reach a reasonable level. You would also have to watch out your farm and take the necessary precautions to prevent it from being spoiled.

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    Share wealth

    Do not forget to share your wealth at your Facebook newsfeed or sharing other achievements you earned while playing the game. With every level you improve at the Farmville, Facebook will give you a one dollar reward and it is important that you share the information with your friends.

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    Visit Farmville Store

    After you have improved your level, you should visit the Farmville store and take the mouse to ‘Mystery Gift’. When you have opened the page, click on ‘buy’. Keep in mind that buying mystery gifts will utilise your Farmville earning but the gifts are often expensive and provide the user with great benefit. Also, there is a considerable chance that a user will win Farmville Cash through the Mystery Gifts.

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    Filling out the Survey

    Another way of winning the free cash is to log in to Farmville and click on ‘Get more coins’ hyperlink. After opening the page, you must fill out the Surveys and enjoy free Farmville Cash.

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