How to Have a Spa Night at Home

If you are stressed up from your daily routine, you might want to relax. Instead of spending money in a spa centre, you can relax in your house and have to spend only few bucks. You can further liven up this experience by creating a spa night and having things what you desire. This theme can be great if you are having a bridal, baby or a birthday shower.

Things Required:

– Candles
– Relaxing music mix
– Clean towels
– Nail polish
– Facial masks and creams
– Beauty supply samples
– Beverages
– Healthy snacks
– Party gifts such as candle or sample-size product


  • 1

    Turn on the spa mood

    You need to set the tone for spa and you can do this by dimming the lights and lighting up the scented aromatic candles. Lavender or jasmine scents help you relax more. You can also turn on music but it should be light and soft.

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    Create marked stations

    You can set up clearly marked stations in different places in your house. Place facial masks and scrubs around the sink, place warm scented water for foot bath, polish and nail files on tables and a place where you can give and take massages from your friends. Remember to lay several dry towels in your house for you and your guests. You should also gather free samples from local drugstores or cosmetic shops for your spa night.

  • 3

    Spa foods

    You should have plenty of spa-inspired food and refreshments for your guests. You can have champagne, homemade lemonade, iced tea along with fresh fruits such as pineapples, strawberries and grapes. You can serve fruits with dipping sauce made of yogurt and whipped cream. Place cheese and crackers in the table. Remember to get crackers of different flavours. For desert you can place chocolate fondue fountain along with marshmallows and pound cake to dip in. Serve smoothies, cookies and muffins as well.

  • 4


    You can tell your guests to bring comfortable clothing along with them such as pajamas, robes and slippers. You want to make your guests comfortable and relaxed for the spa night.

  • 5

    Reading materials

    Gather different magazines like gossip and fashion along with newspapers to keep the guests busy while having foot bath or if they are free before the remaining guests.

  • 6

    Be relaxed

    You should be relaxed at all time during the spa night. You should not get stressed with the party and managing guests and other things.

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