How to Make a Kensington Court Special Cocktail

When it comes to having a party – may it be of Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any other occasion – it is quite tasteless if there are no drinks. If you happen to be someone who is aware of party drinks and cocktails, then it is not possible that you have not heard of the famous Kensington Court Special Cocktail. As its name hints, Kensington Court Special cocktail is one famous drink that has a lot to do with Kensington Court area of London. If you have been to London and have ever visited Kensington Court, then it is rare you have not come across Kensington Court Special cocktail in a bar or a restaurant. Nevertheless, if you wish try it being located in some other locality of the world, then the preparation involves a very simple recipe.

Preparation Time: 2 to 5 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: Chilled Cocktail Glass, Cocktail Shaker or Stirrer

– (3 parts) Vodka
– (1 part) Lime juice
– (1 part) Passion fruit juice
– (1 part) Apricot brandy
– Ice Cubes ( as required)


  • 1

    Chilled Cocktail Glass

    First of all wash a cocktail glass thoroughly and without drying it, put it  inside a freezer for atleast one hour or so before you actually serve the cocktail.

  • 2

    Mixing the Ingredients

    As you start preparing the cocktail, put all the constituents in a cocktail shaker and keep on shaking vigorously to make them blend properly.

  • 3

    Straining into Cocktail Glass

    After mixing the ingredients properly, bring the chilled cocktail glass out of the freezer. Now steadily strain the cocktail into the cocktail glass. But remember not to pour it all at once!

  • 4

    Cocktail ready for serving

    In order to properly enjoy the prepared cocktail, you must try to sip slowly.

  • 5

    Simple Variation

    If you want to try some variation, then you can mix 2 parts of vodka with 2 parts of Apricot brandy. This will comparatively be sweeter and stronger in taste.

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