How to Recognize Gallstone Pain

There are a number of small, yet significant problems, health related problems that people face every day.

Some of them are related to various organs of the body for e.g. abdomen related problems, which often cause severe pain that is almost unbearable. One such pain is that of gall stones. Gall stones are generally composed of cholesterol that has not been fully metabolised. A person can have a single gall stone that is large in size or several smaller ones. It is important that a person is able to recognize it and seeks medical attention immediately.


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    General Symptoms

    The symptoms of gall stone pain are quite similar to those of abdominal colic. A person feels a bloated tummy with indigestion and severe constipation. Just like the colic, the pain spreads not only in the front of the body but also in the back. It can make a person struggle to maintain any posture due to the severity of the pain.

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    Pain Type

    The pain is sudden and extremely severe. It generally takes place half an hour to an hour after a meal. The common reason for this is that the gall bladder tries to perform its function whenever we consume something that has fat in it.

    As the movement starts, the stones move as well and strike against the walls of the gall bladder, causing severe and sharp pain. It can also take place when a person is sleeping and can wake up that person.

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    Pain Duration

    The duration can generally last from half an hour to a couple of hours but in certain cases, it can take a lot longer. Especially if there is an infection in the gall bladder, it can last a lot longer and needs to be treated for relief.

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    In such a case, always take temperature of the patient. It will often rise sharply and can cause shivering as well. It is possible that it may last quite a bit or come back to normal before going up again.

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    Seek Help

    If you are suffering from the above mentioned symptoms, it is best that you seek help from a health professional. There is a possibility that you may have stones in your gall bladder and the sooner your treatment starts, the better it is.

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