How to Subscribe to House of Lords Newsletter

Many people like keeping up to date with the British government. Interested parties can include journalists, students and the common citizens. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping tabs on what takes place in the British Parliament. Watching the news is an easy way to keep abreast of new laws or debates. However, news channels and newspapers do not focus on the just two Houses of the British parliament. In order to cut out all other unnecessary news stories, people can subscribe to newsletters issued by either the House of Lords or the House of Commons. The House of Lords, which has a separate website, allows users to subscribe online for a weekly newsletter that is delivered by email. This newsletter, also known as Whats On, is a treasure trove of information. The House of Lords newsletter is not just news stories. It contains information on debates that take place on the floor of the house located in the Palace of Westminster. The newsletter highlights discussions on draft laws and give specific details of what position each of the Lords take. Stories about different committees and their work is also included. Subscribers will find that the newsletter categorizes the information by subject area. This allows users to choose the subjects they are interested in, receiving only information about their chosen fields. Another gem that the email newsletter contains is the upcoming business section, which showcases debates and orders of business that will be brought to the House floor in the upcoming week.


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    Subscription form

    If you wish to sign up for the Whats On newsletter of the House of Lords, you can check out the official website here. On the site, users will find that they can fill out a form that puts them on the mailing list for the newsletter.

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    Form details

    When a user is subscribing, the required information is as follows:

    - Name
    - Email address
    - Categories of interest

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    Un Subscribing

    Some users may wish to stop receiving the newsletter after a while. The best way to do this is by filling out a form available here by giving the email that you have used to subscribe for the newsletter.

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    Subscription Problems

    Sometimes issues can arise in subscribing or removing emails from the list of newsletter recipients. In order to report this or other glitches, users can contact the staff at the following numbers and emails:

    Technical Issues:
    General Enquiries:
    General Enquiries: +44 20 7219 3107.

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