Best on the Net: Fun Websites

It’s a rainy weekend afternoon, and you are bored stiff. You are trying to work on your homework/ presentation/ ransom letter but you just have zero inspiration. What better way to keep procrastinating than to surf the net?

I know what you are saying; there’s so much out there! The internet is truly a massive network of good (and bad) information.. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and search engines don’t always bring up the most awesome sites.

Whether you are crafty, a shopping nut, a smarty-pants or just plain curious, these websites will surely keep you clicking for hours. Get ready, because here is some of the best of the web:

Not your average Gap website…these guys are either independant or started that way on the ‘net. These sites all get points either for creativity or interesting products.

1) This website condenses the best and cutest deals of the week on the web for clothes, shoes, accessories and home goods.

2) High end luxury lingerie! This website is very stylish in a “Bond girl” sort of way with cool photo’s and unique models.

3) Stylish urban apparel and accessories you can’t find anywhere else.

4) Fun bags, tee’s and artwork with original silk-screens. Very cute and artsy cartoons with a hint of sarcasm.

5) High-end celebrity handbags at low prices! Trendy bags and accessories from indie designers at prices you can afford.


1) Totally adorable handmade clothes and accessories for the bohemian vintage chick. Warning: may make you yearn for some knitting needles.

2) Send your friends e-cards for birthdays, holidays or just because! Supports the World Wildlife Foundation.

3) Got and idea for a new product?Add your ideas for a chance to win prizes and cash!

4) This cool on-line directory gives real people’s reviews on local businesses. Add your reviews for a chance to win cash or coffee prizes!

5) The on-line version of this awesome magazine has instructions on how to make clothes, furniture, outdoor showers and pretty much anything that is hip and awesome.

Just for fun:

1) Track your dollar bills and find out where your George has travelled!

2) Ever wonder how those darn aliens make crop circles? Visit this website and wonder no more!

3) Impress your friends with the knowledge you get from this site! Info on how tatoos, cars and almost anything else works.

4) Everything that you need to know about mermaids, vampires, fairies and other mythical creatures and phenomena.

5) Every day is Halloween on this websites. Games, drawings and other cool interactive art are all on this site,and are reminiscent of “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

6) An eclectic website on everything from wierd food to bizarre world news and information.

7) Discover the supernatural! Are these ghost pictures real, or fake? You decide.

8) See what’s happening in the African outdoors in real time! View animals eating, hunting and playing.

9) Itchy rash? Swollen ankle? This website answers your medical questions and gives suggestions on how to treat them.

10) Read these reviews before trying the latest energy drink or herbal tea. Has a huge index of beverages from around the world, rated by real people.

11) Vote on pictures of the world’s cutest cats! Click on the one you think is cutest. May the cutest one win!

12) Really stupid real news and fun stuff in the tone of, you guessed it, college humor.

13) This website has tons of fun cartoons and games starring Strongbad the wrestler adn featuring Trogdor the Burninator.

Still bored? Keep clicking away at those search engines and find some cool sites of your own. Isn’t procrastination fun?

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