Chinese Face Reading: What Your Eyes Mean

The eyes are known to be the window to the soul, and in Chinese face reading, the eyes have their own significance as well. The shape and form of the eyes indicate a person’s fortunes from an age of 35 to 40. In addition, it is one of the areas that can predict your future relationship with your children.

Small eyes indicate thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They tend to be calm and analytical. Thus they can make good friends and companions to those who tend to be rash or are more open in their thoughts.

Slightly Protruding
If a person’s eyes stand out from the eye socket slightly (you can see a convex curve when you look at their profile) they have a certain disposition. They know what and whom they like and don’t like. So sometimes one would think they are not sociable, but if the right person approaches them, they can talk to that person all night. If the protrusion is not only slight, but extremely noticeable, it’s a sign that this person is forward, that they will automatically try to socialize and network. This type of person will have a big leap forward in their professional life between the ages of 35 to 40.

Inset Eyes
A person with inset eyes (you can see a concave curve when you look at their profile) tends to keep their thoughts to themselves. They will be happy to help others even if it means they will be disadvantaged in some way, they are won’t stress over the details. But because this type of person will keep their thoughts to themselves, other people can’t reciprocate because they wouldn’t know when this person needs help. They will think the person always looks happy. However, this person is actually worried about everything, even things that shouldn’t worry them. At the same time, this type of person is willing to take it for the team. Often, someone else will take credit for their work, thus causing them to be held back on their professional life.

Large Bright Eyes
Not all large and bright eyes are the same. If the eyebrows are thick and the overall facial features are swarthier, then this person is very aggressive, powerful, and will be promoted around the age of 35 to 40. However, if large and bright eyes are paired with more delicate facial features, then this person is very open, honest, and loves helping out others.

Sleepy Eyes
A person with sleepy eyes will look sleepy even if they are wide-awake. That is, their eyes are not just small, but their eyes lids close together for a sleepy look. These types of people are extremely attentive to details, calculating, especially when it comes to money. They will always have savings. However, they will not have much in terms of their relationship with their own children.

Triangular Eyes
Those with triangular eyes look nice and open on the surface, but they are easily envious of others, and greedy when it comes to what other people have. They secretly look for opportunities to take and benefit from others. Even from friends and family. When their plans go awry, they could even make things worse for the people involved as some sort of revenge.

Bottom Three Whites
When you can see not only the left and right whites of their eyes, but also whites at the bottom of their pupils, this means the person is full of ideas and drive. But because they are full of ideas and the motivation to do them, sometimes they get too ahead of themselves and will often encounter heart problems, especially during the ages of 35 to 40.

Phoenix Eyes
If the corner of the eyes is pointed upward, then the person is openly proud and generous. However, they can also be stubborn to a fault. In males, the phoenix eyes means they will be driven and willing to take on responsibilities, thus they will have a good professional life. In addition, because it is considered a good facial feature, the males will marry well and his children will make him proud. For females, most often their marriage wouldn’t be ideal, but they will be on very good terms with their children. From the age of 35 to 40, people with phoenix eyes will get a raise or encounter very good luck.

Red Eyes
This one is more obvious. If red veins appear in the whites of the eyes, this person has an extremely bad temper. In Chinese medicinal terms, it means they have too much fire in their chest cavity, so they should drink more tea and water to reduce the fire. Otherwise if they lose their temper, it will only increase the fire in them, causing a vicious cycle. In addition, they should be careful from the age of 35 to 40 and avoid coming in conflict with the law or officials.

Full Bottom Eye Lids
A person with full/plump bottom eyelid has an extremely good relationship with their children. They tend to have more boys then girls. In addition, they will leap forward in their life sometime between 35 to 40 years of age.

Mole Beneath the Eyes
This indicates that the person will worry and fret more often over their children. The mole is called a ‘tear mole’, and this also indicates they tend to be more emotional and sympathetic of others.

High Brows
If a person has a lot of space between their eyebrows and their eyes, then they will have a nice place to live and they will always benefit from real estate. In addition, they will bring their luck to many of their business and material endeavors.

Unlucky Husband Eyes
The area to pay attention here is the outside corner of the man’s eyes. If the corner is concave enough to fit in your pinky, it means he will bring you bad luck as a husband. It can manifest as frequent illnesses in the wife, divorce, or the worst-case type: early death for the wife. However, usually it manifests as a lot of fighting between the husband and wife. A man with this type of eyes should marry late and let maturity balance out the bad luck.

You can peer into a person’s soul through their eyes, but now you can also get an inkling of what their personality is like and predict certain elements in their future.

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