Christians Are Satanists Too!

Many Christians label those that are not Christians Satanists. The logic being that if you are not following God and Jesus then you must be following Satan, either through wealth, fame, lust and etc. Although Christians pray for guidance and strength, they must still go through the same temptations and tribulations as the sinners. Despite calling on a higher power however, most Christians don’t realize they fall into the self-determined definition of Satanist.

Christians are people first and foremost, and everyone instinctually wants to live well. So most people wants just a little more money, a better house, a nice car and basically anything that money can buy. Jesus said that it is nearly impossible for a rich man to get into heaven. So being a money focused Christian is, by the above definition, a Satanist. Where does that put those rich clerical elite?

Lust has always been in mankind’s heart. It is also a sin. Jesus even said that inappropriate lust in your thoughts is a sin to the spirit of the law. We know that media and society is focused on lust and sex. It is nearly impossible to walk down the street without seeing a sexy lady or man with skimpy clothes on. Despite the Christian teachings, many of those same people are Christians doing their everyday errands. One can only guess at the amount of Christians enjoying what they are seeing, but a look at the amount of affairs happening within Christian marriages should be an indicator.

Fame, vanity and pride- just three of the things that Satan represents, and three things that are rampant in society. Some signs of vanity is the need to wear makeup, expensive jewelry and fine clothes. Believing that you are better than someone else or having an infinite amount of pride in yourself and your successes is not of Christianity- it is the exact opposite. And the public phrase- look what God helped me to do- does not change the fact that you attributed the success in your heart to your hard work.

Of course being well known is not a sin in itself, but it is a sin when you are focused on it. There is way to many Christians focused on being the center of attention. This can be seen easily when a Christian constantly seeks and volunteers for church or public work that they will receive fame for, or in a Christian that names large buildings and monuments after themselves- like the Oral Roberts University. Of course, you don’t have to be super rich to show subtle signs.

This is only a few small points to the argument that Christians can fall into their own self-determined definition of Satanist. So Christians shouldn’t be so eager to call names at those that aren’t Christian. Judging is a very easy trap to fall into. The Bible says that those that judge become not doers of the law but a judge. So remember, when you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three back at yourself.

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