Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors: Product Review

Righties sometimes take their dexterity with scissors for granted while we sinistral types have to buy special left-handed scissors (or try in vain to cut with our non-dominant hands). Luckily, Fiskars, a craft supply company of international renown, makes a special 9-inch pair of plastic-handled scissors for the left-handed user. Smartly designed and appropriate for most general uses, the $15 Finnish-made Fiskars left-handed scissors are a worthwhile investment in handheld comfort and straight cutting for any southpaw. I never imagined I could write such an enthusiastic review of a cutting instrument, but the Fiskars left-handed scissors really make hands-on tasks much less frustrating for me.

Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors: More Details

Here’s a comfortable pair of multipurpose scissors that are essential for any southpaw desk or junk drawer. The Fiskars left-handed scissors work wonders on paper of all thicknesses, as well as fabric, thread, string, tape, and even some thinner ropes. As far as I’m concerned, this is “the” go-to pair of blades for all my household needs. I wish I had owned these when I was growing up.

Made by Fiskars, a reliable name in craft products, these left-handed scissors are sturdy and sharp. But far more important is their special design for the left-handed cutter. The red plastic handles are sloped and contoured so that a left thumb can more easily guide the top scissor (without trying to rest awkwardly on an edge) and the supporting fingers can more easily grasp the implement. In addition, the screw can be adjusted for different levels of tension, depending of the amount of resistance you need. As you cut, it’s easy to keep a line and see how and where the blade is working – much harder for lefties to do with conventional scissors.

The result is a truly comfortable pair of scissors and a more accurate, straight, clean cut. For the first time in years, my hand doesn’t feel cramped when I’m cutting for longer periods of time (gift-wrapping, craft projects, etc.), and I can finally understand how right-handed people can snip so well with something made for their own handedness. For around $15, this pair of left-handed scissors is a must for any southpaw who never fully adapted to right-handed cutting instruments or who felt frustrated by the rusty green-handled lefty scissors left at the bottom of the craft box in kindergarten!

The Fiskars left-handed scissors can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or at The Left Hand, an online specialty store featuring a bevy of products for the left-handed. Although we southpaws are considered, on average, more creative and artistically inclined than our right-handed counterparts, we often struggle with some of basic tools designed for right-handed people, and it’s great to see a site cater to that.

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