How to Stay Young Longer

It’s obvious, some day in your life, you looked at a pretty face, trying to guess in which college she studies and then suddenly from nowhere a kid aged around 8 years comes and hugs that beautiful lady and says ‘mumma’ and you are shocked. Yes, shocked is the word. It’s more than stunning how some people look a lot younger than their age and some look like that were born old.

How you can be on the earlier side is what you can find here:

Go on read carefully and most important, follow religiously.

1) Cleanse & Moisturise:

As far as possible, keep your skin especially face as clean as possible and after every wash, make sure you moisturize it. The more your skin retains moisture the younger look you maintain. Take extra care of sensitive wrinkle areas, near mouth and eyes.

2) Sleep Well:

Well everyone has a different version of how many hours of sleep. Although most of the researchers recommend 8 hours of sleep; but my view is you should get enough sleep, so that when you wake up, you should feel reenergized. What for sleep is? It’s basically time for body to rejuvenate itself. So better your sleep, more good for you and your skin.

3) Eat Healthy:

Drink loads of water at least 8 glasses a day. And water means water, not just any liquid. Water is known to cleanse our system of toxins. Also increase fresh juicy fruits in your diet. Fresh vegetables and good protein diet will also go a long way in giving you a younger look.

4) Don’t overeat:

When we overeat for long, our skin stretches and body expands, so when we try to loose weight after that, some stretch marks may remain. So, it’s better to be careful from beginning. Don’t overeat and don’t under eat. Try to keep your weight as close as possible to your ideal weight.

5) Exercise:

Ideally a 30 minutes exercise will keep you fit and looking young. Exercise improves your blood circulation and keeps your muscles working. However, don’t overdo.

6) Avoid Smoking:

There’s an old saying. Those who smoke never get old because they die in their youth. I am sure you won’t like to do that to you. Moreover, you might have noticed those who smoke, look tired and pale. With smoking the skin ages faster and looks older. So, it’s best to say no the first time.

7) Avoid Stress:

Stress will take its toll. Nothing gets better by worrying, it only gets worst. There’s no problem in this world that doesn’t have a solution and definitely by worrying it doesn’t get resolved. Patience pays. Every night however long is followed by a day. So stay calm. Stress disrupts normal sleep which will adversely affect your health and your looks. The problem will get a solution today or tomorrow but your skin vitality once lost will not be easy to get back.

So, to stay young longer, eat healthy, stay calm and SMILE a lot.

Till we meet again, stay healthy, stay young.

Jaspreet Batra

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