Visit One of These Amazing Hair Salons in Cortland, New York

Cortland, New York is a most known for being home to SUNY Cortland. With thousands of college students, many whom are concerned about beauty, there has been an increase in the amount of hair salons in the area. Unless you are referred, finding a quality hair salon will require time, trial, error, and a few bad haircuts. Below is a list of a few of the recommend hair salons in Cortland.

(1) The Plaza Hair & Skin Care Salon is located at the Groton Ave Plaza on Groton Avenue in Cortland. The Plaza is one of the most locally known salons and is my favorite in the area.

The Plaza specializes in family haircuts, updos for special events, perms, hair coloring, tanning, hair removal, skin treatments, nail care and more. In my opinion, the Plaza has the most friendliest staff that I have ever met. Each and every hairstylist goes out of their way to accommodate you and ensure that you are satisfied.

Due to their local popularity, clients are encouraged to call ahead and schedule an appointment. You can contact the staff at the Plaza by calling (607) 756-2222.

(2) The Cutting Crew is located at 3836 State Route 281 in Cortland. This hair salon is in the Tops Market Plaza. The Cutting Crew is a few years old; however, they have obtained a fairly large client following.

The Cutting Crew focuses mainly on hair care service. You can receive a haircut, perm, highlights, or updos for a special occasion. I have only had one experience with the Cutting Crew and unfortunately my hairstyle was not as good as I had expected. To give this establishment credit, I was told to ask for a certain hairstylist and I did not. My mother has had numerous positive experiences, and I must say beautiful haircuts, from the Cutting Crew.

Walk-ins are always welcome at The Cutting Crew. Feel free to call ahead and schedule an appointment if you desire. Their phone number is (607) 662-0549.

(3) Angelo’s Barber / Beauty Shop is located at 34 Hubbard Street in Cortland.

Angelo’s Barber and Beauty Shop specializes in hair care and hair removal. Clients are able to receive a haircut, perm, or coloring. Additional hair care services may be available, you should feel free to inquire. Personally, I have never visited Angelo’s Barber and Beauty Shop; however, I have met individuals who have. The overall view of Angelo’s Barber and Beauty Shop is positive. Almost everyone that I spoke to said that they would recommend this shop to others seeking a haircut.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about prices, call (607) 753-8000 to speak with an staff member from Angelo’s.

(4) Mr. Alex is barber shop and beauty salon that is conveniently located at 36 North Main Street in Cortland.

Mr. Alex has qualified professional hairstylists working to help you achieve your preferred style. Mr. Alex offers all general forms of hair care, including highlights, perms, updo styles, and haircuts. My grandmother has been a satisfied customer at Mr. Alex for numerous years now. She has only positive feedback about their service and her perms and hairstyles always look amazing.

To schedule an appointment or to inquire about additional services, please phone the staff at Mr. Alex by calling (607) 756-6322.

From my experience, if you find a quality stylist at these or any salon, I would recommend that you continue to use their service. Visit one of the above mentioned hair salons to obtain that beautiful style you always wanted.

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