Online Resources for Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leaders

What scout master couldn’t use a little help thinking up new recipes, campfire stories and games? Of course, being a scout master isn’t all fun and games, either. Scout leaders must set a good example for their charges in morality, dedication and abilities.

If you’re a scout master who’s looking for scouting equipment, new pioneering activities, or you just want to find other leaders in your area, go to They have a great website where scout masters can find new activity ideas, locate nearby scouting ceremonies, or just read more about outdoor health risks.

The resources are virtually unlimited at You’ll find a wealth of information about the basics of boy scouting and cub scouts, a digital library, and plenty of articles, neatly arranged in alphabetical order, covering topics from animated knots to organization to oaths and mottos. Bookmark this site – you’ll be back often.

New scout masters can learn a lot fast by visiting There’s info, advice and tips on everything from the handbook to ceremonies to fun.

Merit badges are an important part of scouting. You can help your charges earn merit badges by pointing them towards some sites that help them earn. These sites cover first aid, wildlife management, forestry, canoeing, collecting, insect study, hiking, nature and much more. Check the site out here:

Scout masters can keep track of rank advancements, awards, merit badge info and more by joining the free online site at The monthly calendar allows members to invite groups, plan outings and other activities. Set goal reminders, design reports, and generally manage the entire scouting group from one page.

Here’s a site that not only caters to scout masters, but scouts and scouting in general:

Master your own life before becoming a scout master to others:

Scouting worship material, stories, resources:

Scouting songbook:

Basic scout master training:

Virtual campsite and related links:

Tips for becoming a successful scout leaders from others who have preceded you:

How to deal with a problem child:

Scouting magazine:

Locate hundreds of songs, skits, projects, games and more:

Scouting clip art:

How to join Scouts:

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