Secrets on Getting Free Things

I could go on for years about how we are becoming a society of free exchange. It’s quite amazing to see it happening. Many people know I am an expert in this area. I often manifest many of my need with free exchanges and I am passing on my knowledge of how to focus on abundance by changing our perspective to value things in our life that are already free! Often, we just don’t take the time to notice them though.

Free Wi-Fi at Panera Bread

If you have a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection, you can basically sit at your local Panera Bread all day and do your work from there. Thus, you get free Internet provider service. This might seem unusual with rates of broadband going at about $45/month, but it’s not. There are entire cities now becoming free Wi-Fi zones. If you live in New York, I’ve heard it said many people there don’t pay for an Internet service provider because there are so many free Wi-Fi zones.

Free Vacations

There are several ways this can be done. The most obvious is to sponge off your relatives! If your conscience tweaks you though, you could decide to swap your house for another location or do some care-taking. If you’re single and have a bit of spare time, I would check out This is one of many sites offering to match potential caretakers with absentee property owners around the world. How about free lodging in some exotic locale like France or Brazil? It’s possible with the right mindset and know-how.

For those with children and a house or apartment to swap, visit Why? Simply, you won’t have time to care-take a property. You’ll want to spend that time sightseeing and planning activities with your children.

Regardless of which path you choose, it goes without saying, be careful to check out anyone you intend to do business with over the Internet.

Free Everything

There is a grassroot movement that is trying to undo some of the damage caused by the mass consumption and wastefulness in our society. They are local free markets held by groups of activists intent on making everything free in our society. They can be difficult to find but search for “Really, really free market” in the search engine and you might get lucky and spot one near where you live. If not, you can always hold your own!

I went to one in Carrboro, NC. The premise is simple. You take a bunch of stuff you have that is sitting around in storage gathering dust. Or, maybe you have some old clothing you never wear that is perfectly suitable for use by others. You take whatever you have no need of and drop it off at a specific location designated as “The Really, Really Free Market” and then do your own browsing. Everything is free there. You see something someone else dropped off at this location that you want or need. Pick it up. It’s yours. It’s free.

Items at the Carrboro market for free were: books, bicycle pumps, food from local growers with surpluses, haircuts, birdhouses, artwork, clothes, knick-knacks, toiletries, music, and fun.

Maybe they should call the Really, Really Free Market the Really, Really Fun Market!

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