Ten Reason Why You Should Not Buy Revlon’s Palm Straightener

The incessant battle between straight and curly has waged war on even the least vain of us all. When we have naturally straight hair, we’d like to sport curls. When we have naturally curly hair, we’d like it to relax down to straight. We all want what we can’t have. Or can we? Well, if you are, like me, simultaneously blessed and cursed with naturally curly hair you’ve probably looked at the vast lines of straighteners out there. Ceramic plated ones help to keep in the moisture of your hair to protect it from too much damage in the straightening process. But there are some ceramic straighteners that just plain don’t have what it takes to calm the frizz to an alluring smoothly straight mane. Revlon’s Palm Straightener Style to Go Professional Palm Straightener (gasp! That’s a mouthful! )is one such product to avoid. Here are the products specs. that are less than spectacular.

1. Frizzes hair

Curly hair is infamous for what we’ve termed “frizz.” This condition is undesirable and should be avoided at all costs. Revlon obviously didn’t understand the aggravation we curly tops have on a daily basis to combat this state and made a product that actually frizzes your hair more than prevents it.

2. Doesn’t straighten

The point of this product is to straighten your hair, right? I tried this out and what I got was a frizzy mess on top and slightly less curl on the bottom tips. So, I figured maybe I should give it a little more time by reusing it until I see results.

3. Doesn’t get straighter with more use

Just like hitting your thumb with a hammer it doesn’t get better with more usage. The instructions tell you to hold your roots betwixt the ceramic plates for a varying number of seconds depending on the thickness of your hair. Then you are to run it through and release when you get to the tips. I tried every safe variation of holding it there for more seconds and repeating it on the same strand more that a few times to no avail. It was a lost cause.

4. Bulky to use

The design is somewhat cumbersome. Instead of a long narrow construction this ‘palm’ straightener is meant to fit in your palm and be convenient to use. Unless your Hercules, no one’s palm is that big and it is a bulky wide chunk that makes it difficult to keep your fingers away from the burning heat to the plates.

5. No levels of heat to change

Revlon figured out that people have different hair types, but they didn’t account for the fact that thicker hair needs more heat altogether. The fact that there is no way to turn it up or down to control the heat amounts is a discouraging feature.

6. Cumbersome for travel

One of the claims of this palm straightener is that it is small enough to make it an easy travel item. Yet it takes up more room than a normal straightener because of its bulky construction. It definitely won’t fit into that narrow space you have left in your carry on.

7. Makes the top almost straight but not the ends

When I said it didn’t straighten, I didn’t mean it did not straighten at all. In fact it made some of my fly-aways near my face straight and frizzier at the same time. No longer were they weighed down by the curl, they were free to get in my face and eyes. My ends never actually got straight, they were merely flattened by the weight of the plates sandwiching them. Maybe that’s a new technique I don’t know about?

8. No lasting effects

So now I had a head of squashed down curls and frontal fly-aways, but it was still all acting as one. However, not five minutes later and it became so frizzy that I had to use the iron again just so I could breathe. Any straightener that can’t hold its work, no matter the poor quality of itâÂ?¦erâÂ?¦never mind. Case closed.

9. Not enough heat

Not being able to adjust the heat flow is bad enough but it also only goes up to 250 watts. For anyone that has thick curly hair, it takes at least a 275 watt straightener to do the job adequately.

10. Nothing professional about it

I haven’t figured out why they call it a ‘professional’ straightener when we know that professionals use ones that work. Their job depends on it. But don’t lose hope just yet. There are other straighteners that actually work. If you want something that is professional try Remington brands, specifically the Wet 2 Straight models. Revlon really let us down on this one.

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