The Best Cosmetic Product Money Can Buy

You may have seen it advertised on QVC while flipping through the barren wasteland of channels. But Bare Escentuals is a name to remember. They advertise that this is “make up so pure you can sleep in it.” My first test of this product was to see if this really was possible. My results: this is the best cosmetic line of products money can buy.

What’s so great about it?

Let’s first talk about the Mineral Veil and the i.d. foundations. These two products appear to be just another powder, but they aren’t. They are a blend of pure minerals free of preservatives, talc, and oils; so they are actually good for you unlike most products out there. The active ingredients listed on the i.d. bareminerals foundation are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are ingredients found in other natural products like natural mineral sunscreen. These ingredients act as a sunscreen to protect you throughout the day of sun exposure.


First you apply the mineral veil. This is a base to enhance the tints of the i.d. foundation and to cover basic blemishes and uneven skin tone. The product comes in a neat little ‘sifter’ can. The sifter just allows for a small amount of the finely ground minerals to escape into the open. Amazingly you don’t just press your brush into this powder, but you use only the amount that adheres to the top of the twist cap. You twirl your face brush into the minerals on the cap, tap off the excess, and then just work in circular motions around your face to apply it. It’s that easy!

How does it compare

It doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all. And the best part is that no one else can tell either. Liquid or creamy foundations leave tell-tale marks and ride into the lines in your skin, showing the world that you are wearing it. They can also feel very imposing and sometimes smells too much like a medicinal cosmetic, not to mention you may have allergies to the many abrasive products they put into it. And if you aren’t allergic, your skin is still being mistreated by unnatural ingredients that you definitely need to wash off before going to bed at night. But with bare escentuals not only is it safe enough to leave on at night, but it doesn’t cake on your face, and it is actually good for your skin. It leaves your skin radiant looking and very natural.

These products are also odorless, which is a plus for something that will be on your face next to your nose all day. It seems as though there would be less color in these products than you would hope for, but the minerals are highly tinted that’s why so little is needed in daily application. Surprisingly the little 2 g. jar of foundation lasts for months and months. Depending on how much you need or use makeup it could last you the entire year.


Granted these are expensive products – $60.00 for a start up kit. You are looking at some costly cosmetics. But when comparing quality with the price, they are just about right. The brushes are very expensive but they are extremely well crafted and will last you a lifetime if used and cleaned properly; they won’t leave behind bristles on your face like cheap versions.

It may take a few samples to find out which colors go with your face tone, as with other foundations. However, once you find the right tints, you will know, just as me, that this is the best cosmetic product money can buy. Don’t waste your time on the cheap stuff, this will give you the results you want without the hassle and regardless of your age.

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