How to Become a Sponsor at London Olympics 2012

Not only organizers and the participants are in an urge to utilize the huge stage of Olympics, but sponsor groups are also intending to get their products publicized in the 16 days competition. Back in 1948 (last Olympics held in London) Lloyds played a role of banking service provider, but this time you will view variations in sponsorship. Sponsoring an event is not only valued by the sponsors themselves, but the event organizers as well. According to the level of event the benefactor has to support the organizers, and on the other hand their brand becomes the highlight of the event. Sponsorship can be in various forms, the provision can be in the form of tangible and intangible items. Sponsoring Olympics 2012 will grant the benefactors a life insurance; this event has national as well international eminence, the sponsors will easily make their permanent place in people’s mind. So in order to avail this golden opportunity and help your company to outshine or launch a new product, take help form the guide given in this article.

Update: Application for major sponsorship opportunities for 2012 games have been closed, however, still there’re some options for future events. Follow the link to future business opportunities for details!


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    Sponsorship Certificate:

    Before even thinking of sponsoring this event the utmost thing which has to be noticed is your license; is it expired, cancelled or is it going through any other legal issue.  So if your sponsorship certificate is clean enough, then you can step towards the next level in order to become a sponsor of London Olympics.

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    Contact LOGOC:

    To support this prestigious event you will have to contact the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympics Games (LOGOC). They will look into your application and decide whether to accept you as their sponsors or not. Usually in huge events like Olympics, sponsors are alarmed whether they will receive the honor or not, but in small event organizers are in a haphazard situation. Contact the head office of LOGOC on the address along with contact number given below:

    Location: London 2012, One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LN, View Map

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    Discuss the Clauses:

    Now the major part comes, you will have to place such an offer in front of the organizing team which will benefit their event; it can be a handsome amount of cash, products or any kind of services. The main reason is to add value to the event or else your sponsorship will not be accepted.

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    Sign the agreement form:

    Now if LOGOC agrees with your offer, you will have to inquire in details that how will your company stand out in the entire event. Now the sponsorship which your company will offer, by keeping in mind that amount you will be given prominence in the Olympics. When both parties agrees with all types of clauses sign an agreement, in order to make the business deal secure.

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    Current Sponsor Partners of LOGOC:

    This year, companies who have become LOGOC’s official partners their names can be viewed through this Link.

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