How to Contact Disability Employment Advisers in London

Although a city like London tries their level best in providing each and every citizen of London their equal rights and they have accomplished in doing this as well, still the disable people sometimes hesitate in taking important decisions of their life, which is why they look for some sort of trustworthy assistance. But the government of London has not ignored this issue and provided them the facility of employment advisor, who are capable of assisting them and helping them in making decisions about their jobs. Along with encouragement they will also help you in looking for a perfect job and explain you in detail the procedure of application.


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    The first thing you have to do is to look for an ideal disability employment advisor. In London you can easily find several employment advisors who are there to serve you and help you in looking for an appropriate job. Few reliable advisors are mentioned below:

    The Tower Project

    Connexions Prospects

    Croydon Mencap

    Voluntary Sector Jobs

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    When you will visit an advisor make sure you explain all sort of issues you have along with your comfort level.

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    Your advisor will ask for the record of your qualification along with degrees and if you have any job experience.

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    According to your requirement and level of qualification the advisor will guide you in which department or field you should apply and the exact method of application.

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    The advisor will also make you aware of any problems and issues you might face during the job and what exactly is the way to solve those issues.

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    After having a detail conversation, your advisor will explain you the work schemes and few programs which are introduced in several work places for disable people.

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    Then theĀ  advisor will take your employment test which includes an open talk about your skills along with previous experience and what sort of job are you seeking for. This assessment is very beneficial because you will be able to get to know your own abilities and strengths.

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    In the end you and your employment advisor will make a complete work plan which you will have to follow step by step in order to meet your actual goal.

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