How To Get Exotic Dangerous & Animals Licence In London

There is no shortage of animal lovers in the British capital, including the ones who love to have exotic, dangerous & wild animals on their premises. However, to have such kind of animals on your premises, residents of the British capital need to acquire an Exotic, Dangerous & Wild Animals Licence from their council. This licence is issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 that controls the keeping of specific kinds of exotic, dangerous and wild animals. However, this does not include the ones that can be found in pet shops, circus, zoo or places of experimentation (laboratories). Before issuing this type of licence, the concerned council ensures that it would not go against the public interest in terms of safety and nuisance. In addition to this a vet is also sent to inspect the premises before issuing of the  licence to the applicant.


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    The list of general requirements for obtaining an Exotic, Dangerous & Wild Animals Licence in London is:

    - The person applying for it must be 18+ in order to be eligible for this kind of licence.
    - Such animals will not be transferred from the licensed building or premises, unless the licence holder is allowed to do so in the terms of the license.
    - The holder of this type of licence must be indemnified against liability.
    - Restrictions set over having a specific quantity of animals and on the species should be adhered to.

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    General conditions which an Exotic, Dangerous & Wild Animals licence holder may need to follow are:

    - Accommodation facilities for the animals should be suitable in terms of the size, lighting, temperature, cleanliness and ventilation.
    - The animals should get sufficient food, drink and material related to their bedding.
    - The animals should be regularly visited and exercised adequately.
    - In case of an infection or diseases, the animal should be taken to a  vet and measures should be adopted for its healthy recovery.

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    The fee for the Exotic, Dangerous & Wild Animals Licence is around £50. In addition to this, an applicant also has to bear the full expenses of the vet. However, the licence fee may vary from council to council or subject to regulations.

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    Refusal of Licence:

    If any of the aforementioned requirements and conditions are not met then then council reserves the right to refuse the licence request of Exotic, Dangerous & Wild Animals.

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