How to Make a Cooking Herb Sachet

Imagine how bland food would be without the herbs in it. They can enhance the flavor of any food by using a dash of the right herb.Not only the taste, herbs are also known for their numerous health benefits. Some herbs also add attractiveness to the presentation of the food. However, at times we do not want them floating inside our soups and stews or any other dish. This certainly does not mean that you should stop using them altogether. Herb sachets allow you the luxury of reaping the taste benefits of the herb without being dispersed in the dish physically. The sachet holds back the herb while releasing the taste into what you are cooking. They are also very handy because of the fixed measurement at one time. The herb sachet concept is quite popular now and you can buy them from food stores. However, why spend the buck when you can make your own sachets very easily at home with your favorite herb blends. They also make delightful gifts to cooking enthusiasts like yourself. Our step by step guide tells you how to make herb sachets at home.

Things Required:

– Herbs, fresh or dried
– Cheesecloth
– Muslin bags
– String


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    Choose your favorite herbs. These could be herbs you grow in your own herb garden at home or bought from the market. Make herb sachets for the herbs you use most or do not want to be in your dish. parsley, bay leaf and thyme are some of the most used herbs around. You can make a blend of the herbs or use each one singly. Both dried and fresh herbs can be used in this way.

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    You can use both muslin bags or cheesecloth for this purpose. For the cheese cloth, you will have to cut out small pieces. Lay them flat. Deposit some herb (according to your own measurement) in the center. Tie it up tightly using a string. Now leave a tail of the string which you can use to take out of the pot, otherwise you will end up madly looking for the sachet in the dish with a spoon to take it out when used.

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    As for the muslin bags, such bags are available in departmental stores and mostly used for tea and herbal infusions. They can be bought new, washed and reused. All you have to do is to fill them up. There you have your own sachet collection of herbs which is going to make a lot easier and fun.

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