Lemon Drop Shooter Recipe

Lemon drop shooter is one simple yet great tasting drink that you’ll love to have anytime. Lemon in combination with Vodka won’t just refresh you, but you’ll feel a spark. Although any vodka can do good, but using flavored ones make it extraordinary. Try citrus-flavored vodka and you’ll feel the difference. Secondly, the simple syrup is an optional ingredient, but it’s good to cut the extremity in case if you’re having the drink for the first time.

Follow simple steps to prepare Lemon Drop Shooter yourself instantly or else if the bartender doesn’t know, you can guide him how to bring the exact taste!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

serving Size: 01

Utensils: Shot Glass, Spoon


Vodka (1/2 oz)

Lemon juice (1/2 oz)

1 sugar cube


  • 1

    Arrange the lemon slice, wedge, twist, or spiral

    Take spiral, lemon slice or wedge to garnish lemon drop shooters. In order to add sweet and sour flavors, make sure that garnishes should be sugar coated. Slice or wedge should be placed on the upper part of the glass. Sugar must be coated with wedge or slice. It is preferable to use superfine sugar.

  • 2

    Pour Ingredients into shaker

    Make sure to use attractive mixture of ingredients. The outlook of the drink depicts the type of ingredients used. Use sweet garnish to make the drink sweeter. If you want to make the drink more thrilling, drift 151 rum on its surface. But wedge or lemon slice should be added after the drink is quenched.

  • 3

    Use sugar cube

    You can also serve a sugar cube separately, if you feel a flavor of lemon in the drink, or you think that drink is not sweet enough or garnished properly with sugar.

  • 4

    To Drink

    The shooter is now ready. Drink the vodka quickly and follow immediately by biting into the sugar-coated lemon wedge. The vodka, sugar and lemon will provide a pleasing taste.

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