List of Top Beauty Schools in London

Talking about the beauty industry, London is one of the biggest markets of the world where fashion and styling is given sheer importance. That is why the demand of the beauty Schools in London is huge and the profession is very popular in the whole country.

Here are some renowned beauty schools in London which provides a variety of training courses with high standards


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    Nails and Beauty Academy is among the most reliable and reputed beauty schools in London which provides Beauty courses, Make-up courses and Nail Technician courses which is there specialty. The academy provides courses for beginners to experts to a standard which is accepted nationally and internationally.

  • 2

    The Beauty Academy is famous for its high-quality training courses in a friendly and flexible environment. The Academy covers almost all of the courses which are given in a beauty schools which includes Beauty Therapy, Nail Extension, Manicure and Pedicure, Make-up, Eye-lash Treatments, Holistic Therapy and Waxing and Hair Removal.

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    The Ray Cochrane Beauty School is among the most complete and dynamic beauty Schools in London which provides courses of high-standards which is recognized all over the world. Each course which is taught in The Ray Cochrane Beauty School is designed to meet the needs of the beauty industry and they are delivered in a highly supportive environment.

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    The London School of Beauty and Make-up is another successful and renowned beauty schools in London which provides training courses in a professional environment with high-standards. Almost every course is covered in the School which ranges from short-term period to long term periods.

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    London Hair and Beauty Ltd is one of the fastest growing and recognized beauty training schools in London which offers a variety of courses to fulfill the requirement of the beauty industry.

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