Motexha Textile Show Dubai

The desert where today the city of Dubai stands has long been forgotten. It is now not just a city inhabited by people of different nationalities but is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Thanks to the many exhibitions, events, carnivals, clubs, hotels restaurants and stellar buildings, Dubai has its own unique identity across the globe.

One of these popular events is the Motexha Textile Show, which brings together manufacturers, buyers, sellers and other people related to the textile industry. Anybody who visits the event, interested in the latest fashion trends, is sure to walk out inspired.

Organised by IIR Middle East, which is also behind The Bride Show, the Motexha Textile show is a real treat for fashion lovers.


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    The event was given birth about 33 years ago and since then, has grown as much as Dubai itself. It now attracts tons of fashion designers, manufacturers, boutique outlets and distributors from all over the world.

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    - The event brings together professionals from different fields within the textile industry, making it a one-stop-shop.

    - The items available include shoes, hang bags, prêt wear etc, swimwear etc.

    - Some designers can also provide free consultation to help you design your next best dress.

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    Important Dates

    The dates keep changing every year. The dates last year were 7th April to 9th April.

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    It is mostly a 3-day event. Which means you'll have plenty of time to go around and pick out things you like.

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    How to Contact the Organizers

    IIR Middle East can be contacted by giving the team a phone call on the number provided below:

    Telephone: +971  4 332 1000

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    Dubai International Exhibition Center, Shiekh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get there

    By Metro

    The nearest bus stop is the World Trade Centre Metro Station 2 since it's just 15 minutes away if you walk, and is a distance of 1.2 kms. Just start walking northeast once you get off at the station and then take a slight left. From there a right and then a left will take you to a sharp right. Turn right from there and then a left and you'll get to your destination. View Map.

    By Bus

    The nearest bus stop is World Trade Centre Hotel 1 since it is just 500 m away and at a walk of 6 minutes. After you get off from one of the many buses that bring passengers to this stop (Bus numbers; 27, 29, 55 and 61), just walk southeast on 2nd Za'abeel Rd/D 73 and then turn right after 28 m. From there turn left and you’ll find your destination. View Map

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