31 Tips for getting a hot date

Why singles can’t find a date

Have you ever wondered why some people find dates so easy, they are never single and can find someone to be with, anywhere in the world?  What do they have, over those who are single and can’t find a date?

Is it the looks, money or the fame?  But there are people who are average looking, are not famous and have a normal life – yet, they still find the eye candy partner very easily.

When my friend found 140 men and women a date, she spent lot of time talking to these people, who had problem finding a date. She done experiments to see why Gorgeous Leah was still single and came up with a simple list to increase your chances of getting a date faster.  You may want to read the first part of this story by clicking here;


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    List of her findings for why some people are still single:

    1.    The biggest block in meeting someone new is not being able to find someone suitable
    2.    Even if you saw a person you would like, you didn’t find the courage to talk to them
    3.    When you do find the courage to talk to someone you don’t know, the first minute is the most important
    4.    If you found the courage to approach someone you don’t know and are able to have a conversation longer than a minute: Chances of making a new friend increase by ten fold
    5.    Introduction by a mutual party is the fastest way to increase the chances by ten fold
    6.    The reason introductions are powerful is because the first minute is spent by the initial introduction and someone known by both party, is in the middle.
    7.    Small talk in the start, makes it easier to carry a conversation

    8.    Brief but interesting first conversation works wonders
    9.    A well placed but meaningful compliment makes you stand above others.  We can always do with more money, better health and abundance of compliments
    10.    Never talk about the past relationships yours or the other persons
    11.    It is safer to talk about places rather than people.
    12.    Example: a place she always wanted to visit
    13.    If the meet is taking place at a restaurant, talking about food in general is a safe bet
    14.    Don’t ask about future plans yet

    15.    A well placed joke can work wonders but be conservative
    16.    An easy riddle also works well, it makes the other person feel smart
    17.    Hobbies, favorite movies and sports are safe topics and tell you a lot about the person
    18.    Learn to pay attention to the body language, sometimes more is said when no words are used
    19.    God gave us two ears and one mouth. Good listener can carry a better conversation
    20.    Good listener who asks timely questions can turn conversations into dates and dates into relationships.

    21.    Don’t treat the first conversation or the meeting as a do or die.  I have seen people mess up any future chances by trying too hard in the first encounter.
    22.    Unless the introduction was incoming where someone asked to be introduced to you, treat the first encounter as the first step on the relationship ladder,
    23.    The most important aspect of the first meeting is to get you another meeting
    24.    Don’t leave it to chance
    25.    Don’t say, talk to you later
    26.    See you around

    27.    It is better to create the next opportunity, rather than waiting for one to come by
    28.    “I am getting together with some people next week, you guys should come”
    29.    Better one is:
    30.    I am getting together with some people next week, would you guys like to come”
    31.    Number 30 is better because; you are being more direct, you are informing the person of a future event and you are also asking them to come.  Asking for the next meet, doubles the chance of next meeting taking place.

    More to come along with the answers to the Leah Experiment in the next step.

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    To find the details of experiment Leah went through to find a date, You must read:

    Easy Ways to Find a Date

    Results are:

    1. In the first experiment, not a single person asked to get more information for Leah.

    2. In the face to face experiment, Not a single person asked Leah for a date but Leah found a date.  Everyone automatically assumed Leah was taken, why wouldn’t she be, She was a model material and could give the top faces run for their money.

    If they knew the rules above and followed them, they would have known, the chances of Leah becoming a friend are increased by ten fold already (point 4 above).

    Why ?

    She was introduce to them by someone (point 5 above),

    she was already at the party,

    First minute is normally the hardest but in this pre arranged setting things were different

    Leah is nice as a person and spoke to everyone

    So why no one asked her for a date?

    Answers are simple:

    Her God given blessing turned against her and everyone automatically assumed she was taken
    No one found the courage to ask her for a date

    You may say, most people didn’t ask because they could lose their chance of getting a date.  Because Leah was very hot, they assumed she was taken and if anyone asked, she would say no. They didn’t have the courage to hear rejection.

    This is true not just during this experiment but also in our day to day life:

    Most people are afraid,

    they don’t want to feel rejected

    and because of it, they end up being alone.

    when it comes to dating, we assume on our own accord, who will say yes and who will say no?  Next time remember the points above and you should be on your ways to finding yourself a date.

    Leah did find a date at that party, how she did it, will be revealed in the near future.

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