Top 10 Ways to Attract Men

It is difficult to argue over the fact that a man and woman are made for each other. Living without a partner of the opposite sex would make life seem pretty dull and push a person into loneliness. Humanity would also cease to exist if a man and woman do not have sexual relations.

With so many men in the world, a woman does not have a great deal of trouble in getting a man for herself. However, finding the right man and winning him over is not as easy as one would think. Men are not the smartest creatures in the world, which is why a woman has to play smart in order to attract the man they desire.


  • 1

    Perfect figure

    Men love women with a great body. While there is nothing wrong with being a little skinny or a bit chubby, having a perfect figure would make them a male magnet and tease his imagination.

  • 2

    The bubbly girl

    Bubbly girls do not care too much about the world and instead focus on staying happy. Men love such women, as they are really easy to talk to and have a good time with.

  • 3

    Be interesting

    In order to attract a man towards you, you need to become someone that he would want to be with. Be smart, humorous and everything that you want or expect him to be.

  • 4

    Be yourself

    This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while you are trying to attract men. You should always be yourself irrespective of who or what you are. If a certain man is meant to fall for you, he will do so even if you are a bit dorky.

  • 5

    Be independent

    Men dominating women is a thing of the past. Times have changed and so has the mentality. In today’s world, men are more attracted to women who are confident and know how to take care of themselves instead of depending on their male counterpart to keep them safe in this ‘bad’ world.

  • 6

    Smell good

    A man will be forced to take notice of your presence and feel attracted to you if you smell nice. Remember to wear a good perfume before leaving the house.

  • 7

    Teach them

    If you are at work or in college, offer to teach a man something. This will allow you to get in close proximity of him and have his complete attention. Use this opportunity to send subtle signals of attraction towards him while silently praying for him to react to those signals positively.

  • 8

    Appreciate them

    Women are not the only ones who love to be complimented and appreciated. Men are pretty much the same. Tell them just how smart and funny they are, or that you love the way they dress up or carry themselves, etc.

  • 9

    Be playful

    Men are attracted to women who live life to the fullest. Therefore, start having fun by going to parties, dancing at the clubs, laughing confidently and basically being yourself.

  • 10

    Do not flirt with everyone

    Getting the attention of the wrong man can put you in a great deal of trouble. Therefore, refrain from flirting with the opposite gender on every opportunity that you get. Instead, wait for Mr. Right.

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