Can You Help?

As of today, I am no longer an employee of Wolters-Kluwer. I don’t think it was fair, but that’s the way it goes. I am trying to look at this as an opportunity to get away from Human Resources and focus on my writing.

The problem is, I now need steady, regular writing jobs. So, I am putting this announcement out on the net. I am posting this in the hopes that all of you, those who read my blog with any regularity, might be able to assist me.

Do you need a writer? Could you use someone with writing talents? Do you own a newspaper? Work at a marketing company? Do you know someone who does?

I can send a ton of writing samples. I can send a resume. I can provide whatever it is you need. Please e-mail be at It can be full-time or contract/freelance work. My rates are negotiable. If you’ve ready my blog with any regularity you know some of what I can do. Can I do it for you or someone you know? Please, let me know.

Bryan W. Alaspa

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