Landscape Contractors in the Fort Worth Area Create a Backyard Vista

We have all gone to a park or arboretum and come home inspired by the beauty of nature – shrubs, flowers, fountains, and meandering pathways. We gaze upon our barren backyard and can imagine a stunning garden area complete with a gazebo. The reality is we run to the local home store, buy a few trays of flowers, and by the time we have churned some earth we are tired. Plopping the plants in the ground, we spray them once with the hose, and wish them well. The next time we sit on our patio we are once again disappointed with our vision and our efforts. There is a reason why people study horticulture and landscaping. Utilizing plants and colors effectively is an art form. Thus, consider consulting with the following landscape professionals in the Fort Worth, Texas area and your backyard vision can be a reality.

Green Thumb Landscape (817-885-7549) is a family owned business. With landscape specialists, the company can design and build a worthwhile garden, along with stone work pathways, sprinkler system installation, tree plantings, water features such as fountains or ponds, and can incorporate a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Your imagination and wallet are the only limitations. Some other landscape companies to consider are Covenant Landscape (817-538-1311), Landscape Artisan (817-996-9515), and A Woman’s Touch (817-658-3752). Be sure that the consultant listens to your ideas and keeps within your budget. The landscaper should recommend plants that are appropriate for your climate and soil conditions. Proper mulching, preparation of flower beds, drainage solutions and irrigation, and sun/shade considerations are all factors that should be discussed. Have fun with the project, but keep in mind the amount of time and effort to maintain your backyard vision.

Lawn and plant maintenance is another area of contract specialization to consider. Once you have a fabulous yard and garden, how do you maintain it? Experts can take away the headache of mowing, fertilizing, pruning, watering, and can advise on pest control. A lawn maintenance contractor will know the level to set the mower depending on the time of year. The specialist identifies your type of grass and can use the appropriate fertilizer and weed killer to keep your lawn a lush green, without the frustrating presence of weeds such as nutgrass, crabgrass, and the ever- present dandelion. Proper application of chemicals is a science. Your lawn contractor can advise you on watering, and will also note if your lawn shows signs of pests such as the grubworm. Jenco Irrigation (817-485-9221), The Lawn Ranger (817-401-8397), and Nic-N-Sons (817-335-4260) are all reliable firms that offer lawn maintenance at a reasonable price.

Finally, depending on where you live and especially if you have a pool in the backyard, a fence is the final piece of the design consideration. Do you need security or controlled access to your yard? Do you need privacy and is your fence a sight or sound barrier? Gazing upon your beautiful new landscaped yard, is your fence an eyesore or a lovely piece of construction? Depending on your answers, you may need a new fence and you need a professional fence company to do the work. A fence consultant will know the city ordinances and zoning restrictions on fence height and location to lot lines. Some neighborhood homeowner associations often have rules on fencing. Get bids from the following fence companies before making a decision. Diamond B Fence (817-478-9316), The Fence Co. (817-658-1529), and Marquez Iron Works (817-228-5573) can offer you choices in wood, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, or aluminum fencing. They can work with you on gate design and any other features involved in the fence installation. With a gorgeous, well-maintained lawn, the fence is the frame to the picture. You need a strong long-lasting framework for your hard work.

Whew! The hard work is done. Your team of landscape designers, landscape maintenance specialists, and fencing contractors has created a yard of beauty that will stay lovely throughout the year and will grow with you in the years ahead. Settle in to your comfortable lawn chair and enjoy the serenity and peace of your back yard park.

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