Original Penguin Bel-Air Sunglasses Product Review

Original Penguin Bel-Air Sunglasses are the ultimate sunglasses, hands down. I must admit I’m extremely prudent when it comes to finding frames for my face, but these particular folding sunglasses are the most amazing thing to ever adorn my head.

I bought the Bel-Airs because I’ve never owned a pair of sunglasses; yes, it’s as easy as that. Well, that’s a bit of a lie because I’ve owned a few of those shoddy plastic ‘joakleys’ bootlegged on city streets. But I figured that I’m an adult now and, because I drive a lot, I needed something-so why not go all out?

Original Penguin [by Munsingwear] has always been an extremely respected (and respectable) brand of apparel. With their ventures into denim in 2005, the only things they had yet to claim were eyewear. And, boy, did they do it!

Although some of the Original Penguin sunglasses don’t particularly turn me on, I know they’re all top notch. Why? Two reasons: they feature CR-39 lenses, and they’re hand-crafted. The lenses are 99.9% distortion free, according to Penguinclothing.com, and “provide 100% UVA/UVB agaist the sun’s most harmful rays.”

Aside from knowing that my eyes won’t be subject to distortion, or at least 99.9% of it, and harmful radiation from the sun, I’m assured that I look cool. It’s a thing to be proud of: generally looking cool. You don’t have to be cool, just look the part. And for that matter, the Bel-Airs are a step above other sunglasses, even the others released by Original Penguin. They’re super-lightweight and feature a delicate contrast between the white nosepiece and the silver frames.

Still, the coolest thing about these particular sunglasses: they fold. Yes, they fold. The earpieces fold under, then in with the temples. After that, the frames fold directly in half, right above the bridge of the nose. That is some high-tech piece of eyewear! But, most importantly, it’s convenient! I don’t have to lug around a big sunglasses case-just a simple leather case that I can easily fit into my pocket.

Now, the one thing that held me back from buying these sunglasses: the price. These rank at a whopping $150. But, hey, what’s the price of exclusivity nowadays? A pair of folding sunglasses, despite the brand name, will cost about that. Even if you go to eBay, they’re still floating around $100. So why not buy from someone you trust, right? Penguinclothing.com features some serious eyewear, but the Bel-Airs are the best out there.

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