Tide vs. Gain Laundry Detergent

Growing up Tide was the only laundry detergent my mother would use. She swore it was the best thing since sliced bread and that no other detergent would ever clean our clothes as well as Tide. I really took my mother’s advice to heart and when I moved out on my own, I found myself only using Tide for my laundry.

When I got married a really good friend of mine made me a lovely basket with various household products in it to help get me set up in my new place. One of the products happened to be Gain laundry detergent. I was instantly curious to venture out and try this new detergent as it had such a nice scent that was filling my house like a air freshener. I had a light load of laundry that needed washed and decided this would be the perfect time to try Gain.

I was more impressed at the scent of Gain, and how it really made the clothes and the house smell good, to notice if it made a difference in the overall cleanliness of them. I continued to use Gain to see if this would be a product that could compete with my family’s tough laundry situations. Unfortunatley this was not a product that would fit our lifestyles. My clothes were no where near as clean as when I used Tide. Gain also did not remove stains as well as I would have liked. My overall opinion is this detergent would be a good choice if you used it for items that don’t get that dirty or if you love having a nice clean scent on your washable items.

Tide, was and has continued to be my choice of laundry detergent. I have used Tide to was my son’s clothing ever since he was a newborn with no problems. Experts always say to go with a detergent designed for babies, however I used Tide and did not have any problems with him breaking out in a rash or anything like that. Tide has also removed the pesky baby formula stains that usually ruin a baby’s clothes.

My husband works in a oil field and comes home every day filthy as can be. His jeans are literally caked in so much oil and dirt that you can take a knife and scrape it off. We always wash his work clothes by themselves and use Tide. I am going to be honest there really isn’t much any laundry detergent can do with that kind of mess to remove all the stains that set in, however Tide gets the work clothes as clean as they possible can be.

Overall the price may be a little higher with Tide than with Gain, but you will definitely get your moneys worth time and time again by choosing Tide.

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