Worst Date Ever

Some people love blind dates. Though I am sure these are rare people. I have had one blind date and it was my last blind date ever. I was 18 and had just moved away from home into a friend’s house about 5 hours away from everyone I knew, besides her. I had been dating her brother since I was 16 but we had recently broken up. My friend decided it was time for me to quit waiting at home for a call from him and she talked me into agreeing to double date with her and her boyfriend and a guy she said “would be just great for me.”

I was reluctant to do this but I agreed to give it a try. I spent a couple hours getting ready, doing my hair and makeup and such and even started getting excited that this may be a good night after all. A car pulled up our driveway and the horn blew and my friend told me our dates were here and it was time to go. We got to the car and this guy stepped out from the backseat. He was tall and blond and was really good looking. I thought to myself that this was indeed going to be a great night. When I got to the car door he said “Well good, least you’re not ugly.” I thought how rude that comment actually was. What if I had been ugly would he have said “Damn you’re ugly.” I got in the car and he got in beside me and he turned to speak to me and I could smell alcohol all over him. He was extremely drunk.

We went to get something to eat but because he was drunk we ordered our food from McDonald’s take out window. Then we went to a bar. After a game of pool and this guy trying to maul me to death and kill me with his breath I talked my friend into calling it a night with the excuse I was sick.

We headed home; I thought “Well at least I’m getting out of this fairly quick.” Then all the sudden a song I always loved came on the radio the song was “I just called to say I love you.” The next thing I knew this guy was leaning on me and staring at me singing the song and he was a very bad singer as he was singing he was spitting on me then right in the middle of his horrible serenade he threw up right in my lap. I was so disgusted. To this day I can no longer stand the song “I just called to say I love you.” Never again will I date anyone I do not know ahead of time. Even when you know them things can turn out bad but at least you may have some warning. A blind date is dating a stranger and a stranger is definitely strange. This was indeed my worst date ever.

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