Difference Between Vaccines and Antibiotics

Health is truly the best wealth a person can posses. All the facilities in the world may seem meaningless if one does not feel well and is sick. Much work is being done in the field of medical sciences in order to make sure that you have a better life span and a better quality of life.

There are many kinds of medications that are available in the pharmacies in order to help you overcome illnesses. There are many types of medications. Some are preventive in nature while others help you get rid of the illness once it has occurred.

Of the many types, vaccines and antibiotics are two of the most famous kinds. They both have a different function and different method of acting on health issues.

A vaccine is preventive in nature and is given to a person who may be vulnerable to a certain issue before it actually occurs. On the other hand, an antibiotic is administered only after the person has been infected by an infection and other medications do not have the ability to treat it.

The effect of the vaccine is long term and generally ranges from a year to a life time. On the other hand, the antibiotic removes the infection that a person is suffering from and does not guarantee that the infection will not return in future.

Vaccines are generally administered either in form of an injection or may be taken orally. On the other hand, the antibiotics can be taken in form of capsules, tablets, ointments, or drops. They may also be injected into the body.


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    Vaccines development has helped get rid of many illnesses that were previously commonplace. Some of these were life threatening and in case they did not kill anyone, they would severely damage the person’s health in the long term.

    These are preventive in nature and can have effects lasting from a year to a life time. These are specifically developed in the labs and in some cases, specifically developed as per the needs of the given person. Their primary target is bacteria.

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    When infections take place, a doctor is most likely to prescribe an antibiotic. It kills the various bacteria in the system that are causing trouble though it may also kill other useful microorganisms in the human system.

    It is only to be taken as per the prescription of a registered medical practitioner. It starts providing relief as soon as it is taken and one has to make sure that the complete dosage is taken since a partial dose will not get rid of the complete viruses as they will surely come back.

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