ELBWO Nursery School London

Besides the provision of child care service, various other programs are offered at ELBWO. ELBWO Nursery School is among the successful programs of ELBWO organization, it was initialized in 1998, after acquiring huge request from parents who were aware of ELBWO’s quality and reliable work. The school aims to endow all possible facilities, which one way or the other provide benefits to the children and help them to flourish in a safe and friendly environment. ELBWO is aware of the fact that children can easily learn and attain quality education during early years, which is why they have been trying every possible effort for the well being of kids aged 2 to 5. If you are intend to admit your child in such an institute, where he/she is able to avail all possible facilities in order to attain best education, then ELBWO Nursery School is an ideal place for you.

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    ELBWO Nursery School’s Service:

    Extra tuitions are scheduled at ELBWO Nursery School for children, who face problems while completing their homework.

    Play scheme is yet another innovative idea by ELBWO to grant children with affordable amusement activities.

    Breakfast club is also present at ELBWO Nursery School especially for those kids, whose parent have to go for work.

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    Operational Hours of ELBWO Nursery School:

    From Monday till Friday, the school remains open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

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    How to Contact ELBWO Nursery School:

    If you intend to inquire more about the school, then you can contact ELBWO Nursery School on the number cited as follow:

    Contact: +44 20 8534 7545

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    Careers & Training at ELBWO Nursery School:

    If you wish to be part of ELBWO organization then fill in the Form with required information and email it on the address given below:

    Email: info@elbwo.org.uk

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    ELBWO Nursery School Location:

    Forest Gate Methodist Church, Woodgrange Road, London E7 0QH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to ELBWO Nursery School:

    By Tube:

    Wansted Park Underground Station is in the vicinity of ELBWO Nursery School. By walk it will take hardly a minute to cover the gap of 0.3 mile between two locations. After coming out of the station head towards A114 and take a left. On the Woodgrange Road/A114 cover 0.2 mile distance and you will reach ELBWO Nursery School. Click Here for complete directions.

    By Bus

    Forest Gate (Stop B) is the nearest bus station. Route number 58 of East Ham or 330 of Canning Town can be taken in order to reach the doorstep.

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