Harry Roberts Nursery School London

Harry Roberts Nursery School is a centre for children of ages 3 to 5 years. At this centre, they are offered quality education and care and the main goal of this nursery is to make a child’s first experience of school positive and delightful. In order to achieve this goal, the nursery school administration works to create an encouraging and friendly atmosphere for children. This is meant to help young students learn, discover and develop independently. Harry Roberts Nursery School serves children that are either living in its vicinity, whose siblings are already studying in this centre, or the ones which require specific social or medical assistance. In addition to this, the attendance is free for students who live in the Tower Hamlets Borough.

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    Harry Roberts Nursery School Services:

    Harry Roberts Nursery School offers following services to the students;

    - Special education needs
    - Help in moving forward
    - Key Person system .i.e. each child gets his or her own trained nursery nurse who will be responsible for the kid from the very first day.
    - Help children settling in the nursery
    - Snacks, meals and refreshments
    - Medication .i.e. given at centre only after full consent of the parents
    - Special books record

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    Operational Hours of Harry Roberts Nursery School:

    At Harry Roberts, full day school begins from 9.00 am till 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday. However, part time session starts off from 9.00 am until 12.00 pm in the morning or from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm in the afternoon.

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    How to Contact Harry Roberts Nursery School:

    Interested persons can contact Harry Roberts Nursery School either by writing them an email, or ringing up at the below given phone number in order to get their desired information from the relevant staff members.

    Contact: +44 20 7790 6711 ‎ ‎ ‎  

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    Harry Roberts Nursery School Location:

    Commodore St, London E1 4PF, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Harry Roberts Nursery School:

    By Tube

    Stepney Green tube station is located 0.5 miles away from Harry Roberts Nursery School. Therefore, passengers can easily get to this nursery from Stepney Green tube station on foot. All they need to do is just head in the east course on Mile End Road/A11 towards Globe Road/B120 after getting out of the tube station. And then turn onto White Horse Lane from where take a left turn onto Shandy Street, and soon they will find the nursery in front of them.  View Map

    By Bus

    Ernest Street (Stop R) is the nearest bus stop to Harry Roberts Nursery School, nearly 2 minutes walk away. If the passenger heads in the south course on Harford Street towards Commodore Street, turn left onto Commodore Street and from there, the nursery will be just a few feet away. Bus number 399 will take you to Ernest Street (Stop R).

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