How to Make Body Scrub for Children

Body scrub is used for converting dry and almost dead skin into soft glowing skin. There are hundreds of scrubs available in the market these days, but they come with a pretty high price tag. Moreover, the side effects of using artificial scrubs to soften the skin may be much more than the cure they provide.

An easier alternate is to make body scrubs at home with the use of natural, hazard free, inexpensive ingredients.

Things Required:

– 1 cup unflavoured instant oatmeal
– Food colouring
– 1 tsp. vanilla, almond
– Eggs


  • 1

    Get a clean, preferably new bowl, and pour oatmeal in it. The oats should be finely crushed or the scrub created will not be fine and you will have to make a lot of effort to spread it over the skin. Use a spoon to crush oats into small powdery form, or you may use a mortar to pestle them. Either way, make sure that oatmeal is crushed completely before moving forward with the procedure.

  • 2

    Separate the whites from 2 eggs and add them to the oat paste. Add food flavours and honey to the mixture according to the amount of oats present. Use an egg beater to mix them till they are evenly blended.

  • 3

    Take out the food colouring and add few drops of it in the mixture. If you are concerned about the low quality of food colours in your area, then skip this step all together.

  • 4

    You may want to put the recipe in two separate utensils and add different colours into them. This will fascinate the child and he will be more than happy to allow the scrubbing.

  • 5

    Make your child sit in a dry tub and place coloured scrub in it. The kid will scrub his hands, elbows, arms and feet while playing with the soft dough. Don’t worry about him/ her making prints on the surface of the tub as they will be washed away in no time.

  • 6

    Let the child play for as long as he or she wants. Then make them sit in the tub and start adding water to the tub slowly. The colours will start to come off slowly, after cleaning the kid with water shampoo him or her like usual.

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