How to Recognize General Anxiety Disorder Causes

Anxiety can be observed in a number of pathological changes in the central nervous and cardiovascular system or can be the result of excessive stress due to increased neural, mental and physical exercise. Treatment focuses at removing the cause of the anxiety and gives some relief to the patient.

Anxiety happens all the time and almost everyone has experienced it in one form or another. However, against the background of trauma or chronic fatigue, anxiety sometimes turns into panic. If you want to recognise general anxiety disorder causes then follow some simple methods.


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    Anxiety can occur with or without a cause. You feel uncomfortable or uneasy but the cause of this condition cannot be determined. To deal with this form of anxiety is difficult, because it can be caused by anything such as over exertion, fatigue, anxiety or probably because of past events. In this case, the degree of anxiety causes a lot of trouble, disrupting the normal life of a person.

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    If an alarm is caused by a particular situation or event, try to imagine the worst outcome. Also, consider what you can do to minimise the impact of negative events. Such an analysis of the situation will help reduce your anxiety.

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    Try to get away from sad or depressing thoughts. Gather noisy and cheerful company, go to a cafe, see your favourite movie or listen to music. Take care of what makes you happy and try to stay positive.

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    Anxiety can be caused by fatigue or exhaustion. Take a leave from work and go somewhere to relax. Distraction from business issues can help bring your peace of mind back to normal.

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    Unresolved, unfinished business can boost up anxiety if you're constantly thinking about them. Because of these thoughts your mood can become depressed. Therefore it is necessary to address all the issues bothering you.

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    Share your fears and feelings with family and friends. You will feel relief after sharing. Secondly, they can help to determine a root cause of the problem.

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