List of Nursing Home Lawyers in London

Most people in London work all their life so that they can retire peacefully in their old age. This has lead to the massive increase of nursing homes in London that cater to older individuals who want assisted living but have the freedom to do as they please. This has given way to numerous different types of nursing homes and agreements. Before opening a nursing home or moving into a nursing home in London, an individual should confer with a nursing home lawyer. A solicitor can go over contracts that relate to sale, purchase, lease, company/client agreements and other documentations. Nursing home attorneys can also deal with law suits against nursing homes that relate to abuse or malpractice.


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    Stennett & Stennett, in 1989, husband and wife team Michael Stennett and Elaine Beckford-Stennett started a law firm with the aim of providing  high quality services in nursing home sector.

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    Ridouts Solicitors, Ridouts lawyers are uniquely placed to obtain the best possible outcomes and are motivated to solve any issue in nursing home cases.

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    Simpson Millar LLP - London Solicitors, is a nationwide, ambitious, forward-thinking provider of legal services.

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    Sayer Moore & Co, Despite paying tax and National Insurance all your working life, when you finally need help from the Government with Nursing Home fees, Sayer Moore & Co is there to help you.

  • 5

    Brachers, clients have rated  them one of the most reliable and trustworthy in following their cases.

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    Sasto & Klinger, a great number of their clients have been with them from when the firm was first established.

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    Right Solicitors, their clients have been fully satisfied with their performance since last few years.

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    Greenhouse Stirton & Co, was established more than 30 years ago and specialises in private client work.

  • 9

    SL Law Limited, high street firm of solicitors because they specialise and  can offer their services on a fixed fee basis.

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    Hempsons, lawyers support  many clients in meeting the challenges and managing the transition in what are arguably the greatest changes in Health and Social Care since 1948.

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