Natural Treatments for Cellulite

Some people are fortunate to have good genes, which lets them gain a little weight or give birth without developing cellulite. Cellulite is commonly classified as small skin ripples. Others refer to the appearance as “loose skin.” Whatever the description adopted for the condition, cellulite is often unsightly, and many people will attempt to rid their skin of the ripples by any means necessary. Why some people develop cellulite and others don’t is unknown. Yet, it is reasonable to conclude that skin elasticity plays a huge role. For this matter, individuals with firmer or tighter skin are less likely to develop cellulite. Even if a person with firm skin gains a few pounds in the abdomen or thighs, the skin will likely remain tight.

There are many products available for treating cellulite. Some products are very inexpensive and consist of firming lotions. On the flip side, some people pays hundreds of dollars for sessions with physicians who specialize in smoothing and ridding the skin of cellulite. Because cellulite treatments of this sort are a gradual process, clients generally commit to several costly sessions. Unfortunately, results are not guaranteed.

Many factors contribute to cellulite. These may include:

� Poor Diet
� Poor Circulation
� High Levels of Estrogen
� Overweight

Cellulite treatment should start early – preferably at the first sign of skin ripples. Regrettably, many people delay treatment until cellulite becomes more pronounced. Yet, cellulite is most difficult to treat at this stage. Persons who take a proactive approach to cellulite generally start cellulite treatment before cellulite develops. This might include using firming lotions on a daily basis. By doing so, the skin’s elasticity is strengthened.

Even after skin ripples develop, there are several natural treatments for cellulite. Rather than spend money on costly treatments, experiment with natural cures. You may be amazed by the results.

âÂ?¢ Proper Diet and Exercise: Cellulite is closely related to weight. Fat stored in the body causes the skin to stretch and results in skin bulges. This gives the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can develop very quickly. Furthermore, cellulite can develop in non-obese persons. In fact, persons are at risk for cellulite once they become 10 lbs. overweight. With proper diet and a regular workout routine, cellulite can be controlled. Once cellulite is present, reducing the appearance is tricky – but possible. Begin by dropping excess weight. Next, moisturize the skin with lotions including active ingredients to renew collagen and strengthen skin.

� Skin Cleansing: Skin cleansings and masks are necessary for removing impurities and dead skin cells. Yet, the way we cleanse our bodies can have a harmful effect on skin. Rather than harshly scrubbing skin while showering or bathing, it is best to gently cleanse the body. Apply bath gels including firming ingredients. Massage skin with the bath gel using a circular motion. This improves blood circulation, and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.

� Body Massages: Massages are excellent for reducing the appearance and development of cellulite. Through massage therapy, lymph flow is restored. Moreover, massages are effective with ridding the body of harmful toxins in the intestines, tissues, and so forth. Excessive fat deposits are gradually released. If possible, select a massage therapist specializing in natural cellulite treatment. These professionals are familiar with hands-on massage techniques for smoother skin.

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