How to Impress Your Customers

Customers are looking for something distinctive in this saturated market. They are not looking for mainstream or campaigns but something that is different and unique. If you deliver something that touch the heart of a person, he will be lured to buy that product and avail that service. Lately, there is absolutely nothing which is not available to us but still you can create a whole new demand if you can ensure the customers that it is the core requirement of their lives. So, it is all about tackling the customer’s though process and posting the image of a product or service as a part of life.


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    You have developed the product and know each and every aspect of it. So, understand the question of a customer carefully and tackle it in a way that the listener doesn’t have to work hard to work out the meaning of your sayings. Just keep it simple and to the point which will help the customer. No one has time to waste to precise responses but accurate ones will generally leave a very good image in the mind of the customers.

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    Speak naturally. The customer should not believe that you don’t know anything that has been questioned. You have to know all aspects of the product or service to satisfy the tricky questions put forth by the customers. Just hold your breath, devise an answer in your mind quickly and then respond with a smile on your face; even if it is a critical question.

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    If you don’t know what the exact query of the customer is, just ask them again instead of giving them wrong information that will lead them to dislike your product. A negative ‘word of mouth’ is more dangerous than a new competitor entering the industry because people don’t believe in advertisement and word of business personnel as much as they believe on their friends and family feedbacks.

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    Dress professionally and talk softly. No one likes harsh and ignorance especially customers because they are the one who will be leading your revenue generation figures so for you, they are the gurus. You have to capture their mind and install your product as the must-need rather a waste of time.

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    Keep the statistical data with you that will automatically leave a positive impression on your customer. Use facts and figures to impress the customer.

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