How to Look Like Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is an American star who is not only a model, but also a brand ambassador for the Seventeen Magazine. She became famous after she appeared on the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, which she basically shares with her family. She also featured in the article called the “Beautiful People”. Moreover, she has modelled and appeared in several other public events.


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    You must start off by changing your hair. She has long, shiny and dark-brown hair. Therefore, you achieve the look she has; you must either grow your hair or get extensions for yourself. Make sure that whichever technique you are using, you use dark brown hair. You should at least grow your hair 20 inches long. In order to make them shiny, you should always wash them, at least on alternate days. Moreover, use heat protectants and always eat the right amount of food and drink lots of water. Use shampoo and conditioner to get the perfect shine for your hair. Then, part your hair right from the middle and then make waves through braiding or brushing it out with a curling wand.

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    Now you must try to get the overall look of Kendall. She is naturally extremely gorgeous, which makes things difficult for you as well. Always try to wash your face every other day and use a lot of Clinique, proactive or Neutrogena. Always moisturize your skin so that it does not get dry a lot. Always apply a bronzer if there are any hollows on your cheeks and in order to add warmth on your face, make your cheeks pop. Always use a lot of mascara so that your eyes look bigger than usual. Also, apply a lipstick with an undertone of peach. Also, try to apply a lip gloss.

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    Despite her young age, Kendall has an extremely amazing body. Therefore, to get a body like you will have to go through a lot of exercise. Try to drink lots of water and eat as much healthy food as you can. Try to avoid junk food as it will make you fat and take you away from the target you want to achieve. Moreover, since she is tall, growing taller is not an option if you are above 22. Therefore, try to use heels. However, if you are young and you think you can still grow taller, then always work on your health and sleeping habits so that you can grow as tall as her. Consult a doctor and ask him how you can increase your height. Moreover, never try and get yourself a tan as it will never help you.

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    Kendall is a fashionable person and in case you want to copy her, then you have to be fashionable as well. Always try to remain updated with the latest trends so that you can follow them and become like her.

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