How to Maintain a Bike in Good Condition

Bikes are one of the most economical ways of transportation. Furthermore, they do not use any fuel and you can enjoy the light conscious that comes with being a green driver. It also feels great to let the wind ruffle your hair and enjoy the sight. You do not need to spend much on your bike. It can serve you  for years with just a minimum maintenance effort. Maintaining a bike in good condition is necessary to prolong its life and to make sure that it runs when you need it.


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    It is important to find a shady parking space for your bike. Most bikes have rubber handles and seats which can rot in the sun and their life is decreased. If you are unable to find such a space, cover your bike with a piece of cloth, at least the rubber parts.

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    Check wheel pressure regularly, at least once a week. Riding on wheels with low pressure can damage the tires and also make the journey uncomfortable. This is especially true before setting out on a long ride. Avoid riding over sharp and pointy objects like glass shards which can harm the wheels and may even cause them to burst.

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    The chain is a sensitive part of the bike which takes care of the balance and the movement. It can go rusty and non-functional if the bike is not used for a long time or if you haven't lubricated it. Use a rag dipped in oil to lubricate the chain. You can take it off the bike, lubricate it and then put it on.

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    It is important to wash your bike free of dust and dirt accumulated all through the rides. Do it weekly on the weekdays. Clean all parts thoroughly using a soapy solution and cleaning cloth. Rinse well with the garden hose. Your bike will be as good as new.

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    Make a list of repairs that your bike needs. Take it to a workshop at least once in two months even if nothing is wrong. Run a check for the brake, wheels, seat and other parts. Ask the mechanic to fix all these issues so that you can trust your bike to not break down in the middle of a trip.

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